Skip to main content Search. He then begins his journey home on foot, having refused a horse since a horse is merely “a nuisance”. Sukhov and the women of the harem attempt to escape through the passage, but on arriving at the seashore they are impelled to hide in a large empty oil tank. He imagines his wife surrounded by the entire harem performing chores around the field. Unfortunately he keeps getting himself sidetracked. Only in was it awarded the state prize by President Boris Yeltsin , being recognized as culturally significant. There, Sukhov charges the local museum’s curator with protecting the women, and prepares to head home.

The soundtrack to White Sun of the Desert is one of the most celebrated of Russian film. The cavalry unit commander, Rakhimov, leaves to Sukhov the harem , which was abandoned by the Basmachi leader Abdullah, for temporary protection. He also leaves a young Red Army soldier, Petrukha, to assist Sukhov with the task, and proceeds to pursue the fleeing Abdullah. All Regions Number of discs: This particular movie is shown to all cosmonauts before their flight into space. This page was last edited on 31 January , at Years later, Konchalovsky praised the final script as a masterpiece.

White Sun of the Desert

White Sun of the Desert became one of the most popular movies of all time in Russia, where it has attained the status of a classic. The film received limited attention in the West. His fidelity to his farm wife provides for the movie’s highlight. As the Soviets chased him, Abdullah was forced to abandon his harem because they were slowing him down: East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

As they finally begin to appreciate one another, German paratroopers are spotted nearby and the realities of war emerge. The sand dune scenes were shot in the Karakum Desert near Mary, Turkmenistanwith the museum scenes filmed in the nearby ancient city of Merv. He shoots a carbine taken from a bandit, whom he strangled using rope as a lasso while helping Sukhov.

He catches up with Sukhov where the desert meets the Caspian Sea, and the soldier must use his wits to save himself and the women in his care. Sukhov hopes to “modernize” the wives of the harem, and make them part of the modern society. These lyrics mirror many of the film’s central themes, including Vereschagin’s sadness and Sukhov’s separation from Katerina. It has nothing to do with space flight. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.


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The films success paved the way for a genre of national Eastern. Both can also sink a shot of vodka with aplomb. It is especially of interest if you are a student of Russian history or Russian movies.

He fights against criminals, falls in love, confuses apartments, passes exams – he lives after all. Sayid also helps Sukhov, and together they fend off Abdullah’s gang. The dune scenes were demanding for actors, who had to make large circles in the scorching heat to approach the shooting location without leaving telltale traces in the sand.

The film is watched by cosmonauts before most space launches as a good luck ritual. Sayid — Now, leave. It has been said that those who have not viewed this film before flight have met an untimely death. He received this cut in a drunken brawl the day before. Sukhov is charged with escorting the chiefs harem, because Abdulla intended to kill his women rather than let them go free. Petrukha has a rifle that jams and never fires when needed. Sukhov manages to capture and lock Abdullah as a hostage, but after he leaves, Abdullah convinces Gyulchatai, the youngest wife of the harem, to free him and then kills Gyulchatai and Petrukha.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Sukhov finds a machine gun and a case of dynamite that sopntse plants on Abdullah’s ship. Skip to main content Search. A light dusting of the otherworldly is apparent in the way Motyl films the actors treading the desert sand as if dissolving in and out of the earth, the way the nine faceless women strut in the sands, and the sight of Sukhov climbing the crest of a dune and being confronted with the endless blue of the sea.

Meanwhile, Abdullah has confronted his wives, and is preparing to punish them for their “dishonor”, as they did not kill themselves when Abdullah left them.

White Sun of the Desert (Beloe solntse pustyni) (NR)

Gentlemen of Moviie An ordinary Soviet citizen accidentally intervenes into the huge operation of international criminal group that trades illegally obtained jewelry. The lead is extremely engaging as a man who never looses his laid-back attitude even as soldiers pour oil around pustyno and the many wives.


Sonltse songs are often just a voice and guitar, with the music drawing on traditional Russian folk music. This “Ostern” tackles the subject matter of civil war, bigamy, and death with a wonderful lack of pretense that is expected from a John Wayne movie; all that has changed are the ideologies. There they enter a tiny village distinguished by some oil tanks, a thatch of houses, and proximity to some ancient ruins that have been made into a museum actually the old Silk Road city of Merv, a fascinating real-life location.

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Sukhov also wields a terse sense of humour even at the most awkward moments: Soon, looking for a seaway across the border, Abdullah and his gang come to the same village and find Abdullah’s wives. Ruscico Average Customer Veloe Security was improved after Motyl hired a local criminal leader for the role of a member of Abdullah’s gang.

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Newsru 10 January The clashing of East and Search for ” White Sun of the Desert ” on Amazon. Sukhov and the women of the harem attempt to escape through the passage, but ;ustyni arriving at the seashore they are impelled to hide in a large empty oil tank.

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Abdulla is wanted by the Red Army and left his harem behind because the women hindered him. Hoping to obtain help and weapons, Sukhov and Petrukha visit Pavel Vereschagin, a former Tsar’s customs official.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Gyulchatai interprets this as being appointed favourite, which gives her status over the others, but also make her the target of blame when Sukhov shows no interest in them.

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