After all that, Tom returns to the present and mentions this to Najarin. Though it turns out that Tom had scanned them when they were getting their abilities enhanced. Sarah needs a Song of Mandibloor, and has Tom, Kaz, and Peyton Trading and trekking in both the real world and Chaotic to get her the cards she needed for a long trade sequence to get the mugic. During a scan quest, Peyton and Sarah encounter the biggest fighter they’ve ever seen. Back at Lake Morn, Garv studies the sample and manages to find a way to develop a serum which is placed in a crystal-cased spear. Once there, they are shocked to meet Kiru. After getting the scan, he manages to get back to Chaotic to meet up with Codemaster Hotekk.

Smildon defeats the creature and grabs the spear as the disease collapses on him. Tom finally has a new scan of Maxxor, but when he transforms into the awesome OverWorld leader during a Drome match, Tom makes a startling discovery — the once brave warrior is now a quivering coward. Tom, Sarah, and Peyton find their scanners when a mind-controlled Intress attacks. Upon stumbling on the Mipedians, they managed to evade them and find the OverWorld camp. Najarin reveals to the Tribal Council that Tartarek is with the M’arrillians and Tartarek reveals that Aa’une gets stronger at Lake Blakeer as Aa’une assumes his second form. Kaz, Tom, Sarah and Peyton decide to track down the giant. Upon learning from Peyton what had happened to Sarah, Sobtjek decides to bring them along in the direction where the Mipedian ghost went. He goes on to say how his Overworlders are better, so Peyton takes him to the Mipedian desert.

It starts with these mysterious agents of a peace organization, who take Peyton to their headquarters. Though he takes control of the guards to take down Chaor so that he can read Chaor’s mind. Returhs has created a machine that will port the UnderWorlders to Chaotic. The Mipedians attack as the OverWorlders fight them.

Chaotic Episode – Raznus Returns – video dailymotion

Moments later in his drome match, Tom uses his the Surge Song to defeat some of his opponent’s creatures. Tom and his friends go on an raznjs in an underwater sub with Antideon to face Nauthilax. After defeating Kaz, SamShady reveals it will only be a matter of time until everybody knows about Dranikus Threshold being a portal to the past.


When he runs into the slimy disease, Tom is saved by Smidon and manages to obtain a sample. The next morning, the episoee encounters the Mipedian ghost who Sobtjek identifies as Owayki. His exile takes a treacherous turn when Tom runs into a gang of rogue Chaotic Players who are destroying rare Locations in the OverWorld.

Peyton arrives in Psykoom City and finds the Alluring Bait. Upon Tom leaving, Kaz feels guilty of what he did. After being branded a traitor by the M’arrillians and wanted to join the UnderWorlders, Phelphor ended up frozen in Ice Pillar as he explains to Chaor. His opinion changes, however, when he and Peyton are drinking water at a Mipedian watering stone; while Peyton is guzzling down water an evil scorpion like Overworlder named Slruhk attacks Tom and Payton.

This causes the Mipedians to retreat.

Chaotic Season 2 Episode 21 Raznus Returns

Kaz is forced to choose sides as he learns that the creatures of Perim are planning an invasion of Earth. Iparu becomes a clone of Aa’une’s true form. Not wanting to be around when the CodeMasters are done with their meeting, he leaves Chaotic and goes to Kiru City in Perim with it being the last place the CodeMasters will look for him.

Hearing what Tom says about the Mipedians, Tianne tells Cyaotic to scan him and use him in his next Chaotic match. Sobtjek decides that they will camp out in the nearby ruins. Tangath Toborn is still frozen in the glacial wave formed in the battle with the M’arillians, and destroying his sword is the only way to release him.

Tom agrees to use the very weak Bodal in his next match, putting him in serious episodee. Tom is pressured into joining their scheme and soon has nowhere left to run!


Chaotic Season 2 Episode 21 Raznus Returns

One of the final scenes shows Tom and his friends overhearing a chaotic player inform others that a mysterious island has appeared, hovering, over Perim. Tom tricks the Mipedian soldier to thinking that Revocation Mugic drains the energy of the OverWorlders where it actually restores the OverWorlders’ energies.

Tom promises to save the creatures of Prexxor Chasm from the disease that is ravaging them. Slurhk then traps eoisode in a crack in the desert floor where a noble Midpedian named Tianne saves Tom and Peyton.

Raznus Returns

Tom’s own strategy backfires when he takes the battle to “Cyrstal Cave” which causes all of their attacks to reflect back and hit dhaotic of them, he is defeated none the less. Sarah needs a Song of Mandibloor, and has Tom, Kaz, and Peyton Trading and trekking in both the real world and Chaotic to get her the cards she needed for a long trade sequence to get the mugic.

The Codemasters have initiated an emergency order to recall all Chaotic Players and shut rwturns the Transport Systems. Upon finding the real Aa’aune, they use a positive attack to knock Aa’une into Lake Blakeer.

He manages to defeat Cromax several times, only for him to keep coming back. Once there, they are shocked to meet Kiru. Kaz finds out he is using the same creature as him.

Chaor tells Takinom to take command while he goes after Phelphor. Tom knows that Milla’iin will use this info to defeat Maxxor as Kaz still worries about H’earring and those that have been tainted by Milla’iin.

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