Retrieved June 27, Retrieved August 28, Annie agrees to take Teo an “exit package” to help him leave Colombia. Joan sends Annie home and then back to the CIA farm, but her trip is interrupted by information from Eyal that Khalid is targeting Megan. Retrieved November 21, Calder arrives to question Eduardo, just after Annie has left with him and added Teo to the back of the van.

That sounds suspiciously like a date to both us and Annie, who agrees, her breath hitching and a curious, happy smile spreading across her face unbeknownst to Auggie. Archived from the original on July 29, Meanwhile, in DC, Arthur’s lawyer Bianca urges him to take a plea bargain, and he determines that she is in league with Henry. Annie is ready to comply but calls Auggie for advice, leaving a voicemail. Annie offers Teo as a buyer and the deal is concluded, but Teo then kills Stavros and his man, destroys the secret phone, and leaves, possibly with some of the launchers. ORD It was genuine, but she was also pretty shocked in that moment, right? With Ryan a fugitive, Arthur and Caitlyn attempt to carry out McQuaid Security’s last contract, providing security for the signing of a treaty negotiated by US-educated Georgian diplomat Aleksandre Belenko. They were there to purchase a computer virus from the Red Rover, a hacker whose identity is unknown.

She knows the answer. Annie goes home where she finds Simon, who proposes that they both flee to a remote island. Archived from the original on April 7, Meanwhile, Arthur and Caitlyn visit Iraq and make a sale, and each impresses the other with their bravery when their convoy is aftairs.

‘Covert Affairs’ season finale: Creators talk Auggie-Annie moment |

When Annie bails him out, he tells her that he thinks Belenko is systematically murdering members of his old Army unit — one was in Chicago and another, Tony, may have been the target of the treaty bombing.

Is he now a free man? Henry offers Annie a full-time job with his new consulting company. Later, Eyal and Rivka discuss a larger Mossad operation in which Annie is apparently a target, but Eyal conceals Annie’s new whereabouts from Rivka. Archived from the original on August 5, Henry’s men have captured Teo and have one of the missing missile launchers; they use it to destroy a helicopter with six ane including an American official in a way that makes it appear that Teo fired it.


In Finalee, Calder beats Mashkov and questions him about the shooting of Sydney who is alive but not at all well ; he blames Belenko and the CIA confirm that Belenko’s man Langer did it.

Auggie suddenly arrives in Amsterdam and devises a successful plan to free Eyal without giving up the information. Annie is not sure if she actually saw Ben, so she tells her boss, Joan Campbell, about him. Henry’s secret file contains evidence that Arthur is covertly sending money to a Colombian “terrorist” named Teo, also known as “the Puma”.

Evidence then found at Wilson’s house prevents an attack on another CIA facility and suggests that the money for the Chicago information came from someone in Paris.

They prepare to leave with the virus until Chinese operatives obtain it. Simon is dead, and Annie is rushed to the hospital for heart surgery. Seth is also attempting to romance Joan, who anbie just learned that she is pregnant.

‘Covert Affairs’ Cancelled After 5 Seasons

The boy has seemingly acquired real, viable intelligence that puts both him and his mother in danger. Joan cleans Seth’s apartment of evidence of the fight with Annie, and also opens Seth’s safe to find compromising pictures of a hostile senator, allowing her to win confirmation as the new DCS.

Ben and Annie return to Washington D. Retrieved September 6, Hayley reports Annie’s heart condition to Calder, who removes Annie from field work, and to her superiors, who become suspicious about the entire CIA investigation of the bombing. What should we read into that? But in the same respect, he is a proud and true spy. Annie offers Teo as a buyer and the deal is concluded, but Teo then kills Stavros seasoon his man, destroys the secret phone, and leaves, possibly with some of the launchers.

Retrieved August 18, We are excited at the opportunity if it should present itself to do more. The first season of this one-hour drama premiered on Tuesday, July 13,following White Collarand ended on September 14, They both go downstairs where they are attacked by two men; Caitlyn kills one and the other escapes.


Annie comes to Auggie with the news of Helen’s murder. Calder confirms his trust in her and is then told that she was just part of a random check of the attendees at gala. She then finds herself at odds with Eyal Lavin Oded Fehra senior Mossad agent with whom she was supposed to be doing the exchange and whom she only meets at the safe house after the failure.

He recognizes Annie, but she is able to attack and subdue him before he can text Henry. Annie makes it out of the room but forgets to retrieve the intel. Annie and Joan’s relationship disintegrates over the drone strike.

Auggie is asked to join the next Iraq trip of Operation Proper Exit and gives Annie his old Army blanket before leaving. Retrieved August 4, Annie and Eyal are then captured just before leaving Russia as stowaways on a Polish cargo plane. So she definitely had an inkling. When a routine exchange is compromised in Zurich, Annie finds herself on the run from the authorities.

‘Covert Affairs’ season finale: Creators talk Auggie-Annie moment

She is loaded onto a hearse driven by Eyal, who revives her with an injection, gives her a Mossad file on Sana, and wishes her well as she disappears into the night. Richard Coyle is so great, and we know a lot of fans fell in love with Simon and their relationship in the brief time that he was on the show.

Helen visits Auggie and explains that she needed to be independent of andd to continue in the CIA. She rescues the chemist, who tells her that she was Belenko’s lover but commits suicide with the same poison before telling her more.

They find his safe, containing Seth’s real flash drive, and Calder takes Auggie away for questioning. Annie travels to Venezuela in order to convince the woman to help the CIA with their case.

We want the show to continue.

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