These are standard 5 languages when it comes to localization for Western countries, specially Europe although Spanish and Italian are occasionally left out in small games as well. When Nozomi picked up Season 2, they released it sub-only. Here’s what you’re missing out on! Golden Bat – An English dub of the series, produced by Frontier Enterprises , was aired in Australia in the late ‘s and early 70’s before disappearing off the air. Please enter the required information. However, that’s not always the case. While the dialogue of the game was translated, the game kept its Japanese voice acting and rather than deciding to translate the in-game guide, they made a split menu in which a translation was given.

Latin American Spanish and Canadian French have also seen a huge rise in the last 10 years, but are treated as separate regions altogether region. Didn’t receive the code? The only thing missing was a slice of apple pie. Oppai Life 1 English Dubbed K views. The last two seasons of Dora the Explorer haven’t been dubbed in Japanese. The 3DS version is confirmed to be Japanese voices only.

Their DVD and Blu-ray releases contain the dub as well. It can also happen if the Japanese creators are concerned about reverse importing. Pepsiman – Cub though the game was released in Japan only, the whole game was voiced in English with Japanese subtitles and featured a portly American man in its FMV cutscenes.

Granblue Fantasy — Though the game technically hasn’t been released outside of Japan yet the “official” international release is actually an English language patch that still uses the Japanese servers. Discotek’s release of the full uncut OVA series did not include this englieh, which was another South-East Asian dub, and not very good anyway.

Right, it’s stupid fanservice. There was also a Cloverway dub that aired in Australia that was only comprised of the first two seasons. Aria – Initially released sub-only on DVD by Right Stuf; a dubbed Blu-ray release for was funded via Kickstarter with a very successful campaign at that. Chibi Maruko-chan – Nickelodeon India and Animax each produced and aired their own unique English dub of the anime series.


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An updated dub is on YouTube here. Miss Monochrome – The first season was dubbed by Bang Zoom! Pretty Cure from Max Heart onwards. Including DoraemonKiteretsuPermanChimpuietc, despite most of Fujio’s work being for children. This is especially the case for anime that air on the transnational English-language satellite channel Animaxwhich broadcasts across South and Southeast Asia; the channel produces many of their own anime dubs — often in Hong Kong or Singapore — but does not sublicense those dubs out, uhcut to many series that have full English dubs a few even recorded in North America!

NIS America also refused to do any non-video-game dubbing until Marchbecause of what happened to Bandai, Geneon, and ADV they stated that they were “looking into it” for the future, eventually re-releasing Toradora! The voice tracks were only in English and the non-English versions simply have the dialogue subtitled. Even more rarely, a title will receive a dub, but is re-released without it.

AKA male fan service with bishoujos and some fighting. Ranked Popularity MembersAoi Shiro Arcana Heart — Ehglish the first and third games were released outside Japan, and both kept the Japanese voices. The sequel, Sin and Punishment: Sometimes, the product contains the original language, and only the original language.

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Only time will tell if they -along with the other seasons- get a dub release in the UK. Because international licensing is handled by region rather than by language area not a big deal for Latin Spanish, German, or Japanese, but a HUGE problem for English or European Spanishit is not uncommon for one region to get a dub but another to lack it.


You May Also Like: However, Devil May Cry 4: Ed Eddn Eddy – Only the first two seasons were dubbed in Japanese. Code VFD — Then again, one of the major elements of creating a character is picking a seiyuu to voice that character. However there were some cases where voice clips were changed between regional releases: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is an example in itself with only 24 out of 40 episodes being dubbed in Japanese.

The page you’re trying to access: The Sentai dubbed re-release was released in January A text message with your code has been sent to: New Cinema Labyrinth — Although the first Persona Q was dubbed overseas, this one will keep the original audio from Japan, making this the first Persona game to not be dubbed in any capacity. Nintama Rantarou – An English dub was produced and aired in Singapore.

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