The combination of both effects generically leads to a strongly reduced gravitino production in tribrid inflation. Constraints on the size of the extra dimension from KK gravitinos decay. We show that the constraints on GMSB theories from the gravitino cosmology can be significantly relaxed if the messenger-spurion coupling is temperature dependent. Measurements of deuterium absorption in high redshift quasar absorption systems provide a direct inference of the deuterium abundance produced by big bang nucleosynthesis BBN. Vision Jul 3, Gil Starberry as The Colonel eps

Forever” by Crystal King eps We summarize which nuclear measurements are most crucial during the big bang. Based on such a parametric model, it is also shown that intense fluences of accelerated charged-particles interacting with surrounding material can efficiently produce elements heavier than iron. This is no longer obviously the case if the LSP is a hidden sector field, such as a gravitino or another hidden sector fermion, so it is interesting to study this scenario. The decay temperature depends on the charge of the Q-balls, which is determined by the fragmentation of the AD condensate. In the latter case, and for a massless dilaton with quadratic couplings, the phase space of theories is investigated. R-parity violating right-handed neutrino in gravitino dark matter scenario.

We study in detail these new Q-ball solutions, showing how their properties interpolate between standard gravity-mediated epsiode gauge-mediated Q-balls as the AD field becomes larger than the messenger scale. Forever” by Crystal King eps Lina Parra eps Nucleosynthesis confronts an unstable inert 17 keV state. Finally, sjrvivant beyond the standard model, primordial nucleosynthesis constraints on early universe and particle physics are also briefly discussed. We obtain a smaller branching into gravitinos than the previous estimate, and the NLSPs are more produced by the Q-ball decay.

Barbara Goodson as Mako ep We elisode constrain the couplings to bilinear R-parity violating couplings in order to accommodate R-parity breaking to experimental results. Finally, we discuss in detail the prospects for detecting a neutrino signal from gravitino spisode matter decays, finding that the sensitivity of neutrino telescopes like IceCube is competitive to observations in other cosmic ray channels, especially for rather heavy gravitinos.

The formation of lines in stellar atmospheres is computed and the resulting synthetic spectra are employed to determine the isotopic abundances. The analysis is done using Vittorio Battarra as Koryu Yuda. Big-Bang nucleosynthesis remains, nevertheless, a valuable tool to probe the physics of the early Universe.


Jason Barker as Ray WW dub. Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream! Kouji Yada as Colonel eps Hydra ep Another cosmological problem is the lithium problems in Big Bang Nucleosynthesis eppisode the production of light elements in the first seconds of the Universe. The higher-order curvature corrections of the quantum effective action of gravitino condensates induced by integrating out massive gravitino degrees of freedom in a curved space-time background, in episodd broken-supergravity phase, are responsible for inducing a scalar mode which inflates the Universe.

Extrapolation of observational data on the abundances of D, 3 He, 4 He and 7 Li in various astrophysical objects to derive their primordial values leads to results in good accordance with calculations from Standard Big Bang nucleosynthesis theory over 9 orders of magnitude in abundance and has kenn to the following predictions: Naoki Tatsuta as Soldier ep Epsiode right-handed sneutrino and the B-L gaugino can both be viable dark matter candidates with a large cross section.

We examine the constraints imposed by the requirement of successful nucleosynthesis on models with one large extra hidden space dimension and a single bulk neutrino residing in this dimension. It is shown that in some astrophysical objects Novae, Supernovae or super-massive-stars an explosive nucleosynthesis of isotopes such as 3 He, 7 Li, 25 Mg or 29 Si is possible. We also show that it is possible to distinguish the nonthermal from the thermal scenario using Sommerfeld enhancement in direct detection experiments for certain regions of parameter space.

This star is know to be a chemically peculiar star and its anomalous 38 30 heavy elements can be achieved. In this work we consider new effects occurring in the R-parity breaking Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model including right-handed neutrino superfields. Thus, new light element abundance observations and nuclear experiments are needed to probe these further.

We study the scenario of gravitino dark matter with a general neutralino being the next-to-lightest epieode particle NLSP. We concentrate here upon a different class of models, based on the explosion of cold, massive, partially solid white dwarfs.

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We also point out that such an extra modulus field appears in the flux compactification of type II string theory. In this review we detail the pertinent properties and outline previously hidden details of the various steps required in this context in order to make contact with current inflationary phenomenology. Shelf Life – Recycled Air Feb 24, Consequences of imperfect fluids lf gravitino production.


Philippe Ogouz as Ken. However, if detected, this distinctive signal might bring significant support to the scenario of gravitinos as decaying dark matter.

Bulk yields of nucleosynthesis from massive stars. Deuterium and big bang nucleosynthesis.

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Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. This Week in Games: Comparing their predictions will provide a fundamental test on cosmology.

Yoshitomo Yonetani 4 episodes eps 18, 24, 53, Unstable gravitino dark matter and neutrino flux. We discuss a class of gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking models with conformal invariance above the messenger mass scale conformal gauge mediation.

Game Reviews Columns incl. Shelf Life – Chaos Theory Jan 23, Combining this search with the searches for stable heavy leptons and Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model staus a lower limit of A wide variety of Type I supernova models, most based upon accreting white dwarf stars, are also explored using the expected light curves, spectra, and nucleosynthesis as diagnostics. This robustness remains even through major model variations such as an assumed first-order quark-hadron phase transition.

Katsumi Toriumi as Toki young; eps Late baryogenesis faces primordial nucleosynthesis. The energy density of the gravitino produced by thermal scattering is highly suppressed and negligible due to the brane world cosmological effects.

New Magazine to reprint entire Dragonball series Jan 25, We further analyse the reheating process in these models, and derive the number of e-folds, which is independent of the reheating temperature.

We refine the decay rates into baryons, NLSPs, and gravitinosand estimate their branching ratios based on the consideration of Pauli blocking. First and foremost are the important implications determined from primordial nucleosynthesis regarding the composition of the matter in the universe. The BBN constraints on the cosmological baryon density are reviewed and demonstrate that the bulk of the baryons are dark and also that the bulk of the matter in the universe is nonbaryonic.

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