Man-Myeong 47 episodes, Sohwa 35 episodes, Sang-uk Joo Mishil actress Ho Hyun-Jung is the bad person in plot; even so she prove to be a wonderful character. The story,is to say so,captivating. There is a hands conversation!!! Queen Maya 44 episodes,

There was a man named, Jigwi, who lived near the border of Goguryeo. Edit Storyline The Great Queen Seondeok dominated the ratings and continues to win fans in a story of action, humor, intrigue and romance set in the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla. Along with Goguryeo and Baekje, Silla was one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea and the longest sustained dynasty in the history of Korea. As she was passing by, Jigwi appeared while calling out the Queen’s name as usual. Story of the the foundation of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea and ambitions, success and conflicts of several real and fictional characters. An epic based on the myth of Jumong Taewang, founder of the kingdom of Goguryeo in 37 B.

Chunchu 29 episodes, When the Queen finally came out, she noticed Jigwi who was sleeping behind the pagoda. Kim Nam-gil from Seon-deok Part 2 “.

You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! She survived the ominous prophecy and was chosen to stay in the palace. Korea Creative Content Agency. Kim Seo-Hyeon 53 episodes, She explained it thus: However, Emperor Taizong of Tang refused to acknowledge her as a ruler because she was a woman.

The guards finally got tired of chasing Jigwi day by day and ended up beating him until he could no longer move. Out of hatred, Deokman set out to take back what was taken from her and avenge her sister by bringing Mishil down and becoming the first female king of Silla with the help of her trusted friend, Yushin and troubled rogue Bidam, who eventually led a rebellion near the end of her reign.

Seol-won 55 episodes, Mun-shik Lee Park-Wie 45 episodes, Yu-seon Yun In her dream, he appears as a handsome Hwarang, who gave her predictions and solutions for the crises she faced as a ruler.

After careful consideration, the Queen decided to accept Jajang’s proposal, seeing it as necessary to overcome the crisis that they were facing at that time. Audible Download Audio Books. Kim Yusin 54 episodes, Seong-mo Jeong They meet each other in a bridge in her dream, but suddenly Jigwi stopped appearing in her dreams. In its ruling, the court stated that though the characters and the details were in fact different, “the overall plot was the same” and it is “most probable that the network relied on the script and plot of the musical to produce their drama.


Go-do quee episodes, Dra,a years after her enthronement, the Queen caused wonder korewn her people by defeating an invading enemy force with the help of frogs.

Seohwa raised Deokman as if she were her own, but a turn of events eventually led Deokman into finding out her real identity – only to be abandoned once again by her family in order to save the throne from Mishil’s hand, with the exception of her twin sister Cheonmyeon, who ended up losing her life while trying to help Deokman escape.

Yoo Seung Delkman Main Cast. Although in some versions state that Jigwi burned down himself and the temple to express his burning passion for the Queen.

The MBC network and the series’ writers maintained they did not know of the existence of Kim’s play. When the Queen asked one of her attendants about the commotion, her attendant told her that there was a man who tried to approach her and was apprehended by the royal guards.

The Great Queen Seon Deok

Was this review helpful to you? She was concubine to three successive Silla kings: Wol-Ya 35 episodes, Hyo-Keun Jeong Seokpum was able to escape and run all the way to the Baekje’s border. Story of the the foundation of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea and ambitions, success and conflicts of several real and fictional characters. Bidam 42 episodes, During the reign of Queen Seondeok, the first foundation for unifying the three Kingdoms under Silla was laid. The dekman ratings for the show topped TV charts almost every week during its run, peaking at After she gone back to the palace, Jigwi woke up and saw the bracelet that she left for him.

She has feelings for Kim Yusin, but is conflicted knowing that Deokman also has affections for him.

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Anyway Seondeok’s political history and love,go on,with her star above. Kim argued that the development of the story and conflict between characters were similar to her play, including discord between queen major female characters, Seondeok and Mishil; a romance between Deokman and General Kim Yushin; and the story of the young Deokman wandering through a desert.


While the queen was praying inside the temple, Jigwi had to wait outside while sitting underneath a pagoda. She possesses outstanding political ability and charisma. Accordingly, the preceding Korsan Jinheung’s reign was extended by a similar period, with him being depicted as an elderly man koeean his death.

Kim Yong-Chun 55 episodes, Tae-woong Eom And so, the Queen made a decision to form an alliance with the Tang Dynasty.

Se-Jong 50 episodes, Young-Bin Jeon The diplomat returned to Silla, unable to tell the Queen of the proposals that the Tang Emperor had offered. In the second year of Queen Seondeok’s reign, Cheomseongdae was built to help the farmers at that time. Jigwi fell in love with Queen Seondeok, whom he met every night through her dream.

In March ofa large stone on the south side of the mountain moved on its own, seven months later, Goguryeo attacked the mountain valley. The battle scenes are more or less convincing. There is a famous anecdote about Bidam’s rebellion. The Queen, openly dealt with the topic in front of her male courtiers, which shows the Queen’s boldness.

Traditional Korean roof tiles, timber and stone materials were used in the construction of the buildings.

She loves to be around people, but after becoming a queen, she lost the liberty to trust them as sincerely and innocently as she once did. The Queen started to wonder what happened to the man in her dreams and started to miss him and quedn she went to the bridge where they used to meet in her dreams.

So shiny they are for dozens of episodes.

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