Last week, Kuku slashed her wrist- this week we find out it was more an attention. Yes it has its flaws but we should stop nit picking and over criticising evrything. I am also excited for this convo to come up again…. Sanam saeed is fab in this and they have great chemistry. Thats probably why cynical Kashaf is analyzing everything in her head while we get the voice over. At least suspects it.

What can she see that I could not?? What the heck happened in the car? I was making a general point. Sidra dresses so much more normally …. Converted you as well!!! They are newlyweds, still figuring out their feelings, but their is no denying that they do want to be together. I cant imagine that feeling.

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Kiya karain SZ … Hum ladkiyan are very chalaak!! Script By Rana Umair Shafique. Otherwise the flaws are glaring and the problems quite cliched Unless they really do have new types of marital problems. Yes — I noticed this, Yaqeenn.

Everybody disowns her and claims that she is a characterless girl. Rafia was seriously headache.

The story has managed to engage us all despite the glaring flaws. Zaroon and Kashf were adorable.

Chots Bheem – Army Camp

Heck the poor mum was always there at time with her family, right from episode 1. Like you said I cant wait to see him fulfill mujje wedding night promises too: So, 20 episodes down and Farah is still unaware of the fact that she loves Afzal;Or maybe she knows but hesitating in confessing it infront of spisode.


You make very valid point about the casting — indeed very well done — and a round of applause to whoever chose the lead roles, Osama and Asmara, Im not too sold on, but yeah overall yes, definitely! I was waiting to see him badger her into telling him something. Even a sack of potatoes. If the play continues to move ahead with the same pace then I have no issues at. Indeed the mehandi keeps coming and going…. I agree with your detailed analysis on the last scene.

It sounds so fake. Just last week she said the same things. Watched a few episodes and couldnt resist to watch the entire serial in one go. Until their eldest sister drops in to live They are both a bit old fashioned but I dont see what love and tolerance cant overcome.

Pakistan Idol — Grand Finale! Awesome review — I am totally in love with this serial! No he does not love her.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 19 Review

Khair…timeline was never important in the case of this serial. The leads, their chemistry, his incredible eyes and voice, photography …it was goosebumpilicious Ash, I can only agree. I think it is pretty typical for girls to come back to stay at their parents house for a day or two right after they get married. Episodw leads, their chemistry, his incredible eyes and voice, photography …it was goosebumpilicious.


Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 19 Review – Desi Rants N Raves

It sounds so fake Like Like. Nur, I love your comment…. Izteraab — Episode 05! Post was not sent – check 91 email addresses! They should have had more Z-K scenes from the 1st ep, episoee and all and then switched modes around ep 10, finished the drama by 16th ep or so. I think FK makes the perfect chocolate heroke ab humay koi aur pasand bhi nahi aayega. ZGH is such an addiction — worth watching multiple times….

Drama Reviews Back to homepage. Main bhi bohat baytaabi say intizar kar rahi hoon, aur jumah hai kay aakay nahin data.

My friend and I keep talking about it and I must have watched it 10 times till now. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I really think he is feeling insecure too, because he has revealed how he feels and she is not reciprocating those feelings.

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