Users browsing this forum: What could Hpnotize mean? Bush and the Fox president call each other “Mr. Everyone hides in the Community Center for fear of a Islamic terrorist attack and Randy announces that the cartoon is Family Guy. Before you do, please read them and check out some of these changes such as arbitration for disputes – see our FAQs. And as for the whole Cartman and Chitulu belly rubbing cuteness scene, it was a parody of a japanese animated film called My Neighbor Totoro. Meanwhile, The Coon plots his plan for revenge by conspiring with the enemy, and where is Captain Hindsight when the world needs him? The episode airs and all it features is Muhammad giving Peter Griffin a “salmon-football helmet”.

There were no signs that I remember indicating Kenny was Mysterion. My brother just pointed out a big blooper to me: I find that things like this represent South Park at it’s worst. The “Next Week on South Park” segment hints that Cartman and Kyle are finally going to have a fight, at last venting years of hatred against each other. Pick your favorite South Park Superhero:. South Park S12E10 – Pandemic.

According to the ending and the “Next Week on South Park” segment, President Bush and Cartman will learn a rrises secret about the Family Guy writers that supposedly “explains everything”, while the entire nation buries its head in sand.

It doesn’t have to make sense. Meanwhile, the people aatch South Park bury their heads in sand pits to avoid watching the latest controversial episode of Family Guy. Maybe I’ll like it more knowing that it was only a “part 1” Do we know which hero Kenny was? Users browsing this forum: Find More Posts by rfduncan.


That was a riot.

South Park S3E15 – Mr. Find More Posts by Dragon Tattoo.

South Park Season 14 Episode 12 Mysterion Rises

Theres a little girl who acts just like Cartman does with some big creature named Totoro and they do sing a song similiar to the one in this episode.

Find More Posts qatch Jason. Cartman arrives with a gun, but after giving a small speech about not giving into terrorism, Kyle wins to Cartman’s anger.

He pleads for the executives to pull the episode for their own sake. Meanwhile, Kyle and Cartman fight over whether or not Family Guy should stay on the air. And then they go and make us love characters so damn much. After distracting Kyle, Musterion jumped on his Big Wheel, and rode off followed by Kyle, leading to a chase scene which ended when Cartman was able to drive Kyle off the road using Cheesy Poofs.

Oh well, I guess this poll will just have to be for the heroes that were featured in the last episode.

SOUTH PARK ZONE: Mysterion Rises

South Park S13E5 – Fishsticks. Stephen Stotch then makes a stirring speech that they should stand up for free speech, and not give into terrorism. He then goes to the FOX president saying that he shouldn’t be pushed around by manatees.

You’re talkin’ to the wrong mysteriob cowboy! Muhammad had previously appeared in the episode “Super Best Friends” and has appeared briefly in the opening sequence since that episode, including in both episodes of “Cartoon Wars”, despite the controversy surrounding the two-parter. I mean, this development of Kenny was just awesome.


This episode made him seem more humane, instead of some perverted 9 year old boy who dies constantly. South Park S5E6 – Cartmanland. Bush meets with the Fox executives.

I really think Kenny’s gonna die next episode guys Newer Post Older Post Home. The terrorist comments that it was way funnier than Family Guy. Originally Posted by Navinabob.

South Park Season 14 Episode 12 Mysterion Rises

South Park S3E4 – Jakovasaurs. Trey Parker and Matt Stone mysterlon clarified their opinions on Family Guy on the DVD audio commentary, Parker stated “we totally understand that people love it, that’s why we put it in the show, we understand that it speaks to some people and it can just be a rizes laugh and that’s great and we certainly don’t think it should be taken off the air or anything like that, we just don’t respect it in terms of writing”, later referring to the writers behind the show as “smart” but emphatically criticizing their overuse of “gag-humor”.

South Park S14E10 – Insheeption. My brother just pointed out a big blooper to me: I guess I’ll have to wait until Wednesday again. I found this interesting when comparing it to Find More Posts by skiman. Newer Post Older Post Home. In fact, I was tises for SOO long until i read these posts.

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