From what I noticed, Funn is really dedicated to JayneStars. And so Yvonne got what she wanted because wife no. Yeap, absolutely no connection whatsoever. Mary yelled at Rebecca to not leave. Login or Register before you can reply to Fox. Shek Sau slapped Tavia. Click here to cancel reply. Personal opinion of course but nevertheless still a valid one.

Damien apologized to Mary that she has to suffer all these years. TY also prefers special man with witty thoughts and Damien suits all her criterias. Sexual plaything is ok in that context even if she is highly educated, rich, whatever. Sire put some clothes and money in the suitcase. You can help me and so you can salvage your face whilst I can be free of that servitude contract! Anyway it seems it must be a rule where he can have sexy times with the other wives but he will sleep with his 1st wife. Login or Register before you can reply to Kidd. Elena told Sire to not be too sad.

Ron shot Kenneth in the left arm.

Flashbacks of Ron and Rebecca. Damien came and asked Vincent why did he run away. She is pretty, looking a lot like a younger Fala Chen. Ron saw Elena drink alone. Adrian silvfr Sire he will make dumplings for her.


Idy told Mary she is so forgiving accepting her as a concubine. It was all my idea. Login or Register before you can reply to skinnymocha.

I did not truly recap scene per scene, word for word. The man told Damien that he saw Elena going with Ron in the cellar. You must be there. When Arthur reaches wife no.

Who are you to speak to us? Elena told Sire to not be too sad. No one has to rave and woop over everything and everyone. She said if she knew that was the last time she would see them, she would have hugged them and tell them she loved them. My feeling all women who married Arthur in the end loves him and is charmed by him. Rebecca said Kenneth knew it but epsode it form her so she wanted shadkles leave him.

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles episode 37 recap

Damien told Charmaine he wants a chubby grandchild. Flashbacks of Kenneth and Rebecca again. Damien yelled at Elena and asked her what have she done at the racecourse. She is dressed fabulously, befitting her celebrity status. Damien asked Tavia why does she torture herself. But before the recap of this exciting episode 3, let me just say 2 things, out of my chest. Raymond Lam’s latest album is out!!! January 4, Zilver 4, jnewin. They were rather friendly with one another.


Kenneth punhched Ron and told him to revenge him instead of Elena. Wonder if she will still retain her aloofness when Arthur no longer episodf her? Here is an obvious scene of an old woman still living in the bygone era where fujins instead of first wives exists. I am only here in HK because of your invitation. Vincent ran away from home and asked Sire to get him some clothes and some money.

Elena said she will always keep Mary company. Kenneth said concubines have been helpless through polygamy.

So let me guess! When Idy loves Damien, he loves Tavia. I bet he is if not why bother with casting Shek Sau?

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Kenneth asked Damien if he had sex with another woman. Things are getting interesting in this series. Tavia heard the servant asked Charmaine if she saw Tavia.

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