The majority component has strong affinity to the two confining substrates and the minority experiences strong repulsive force field of the two substrates. There are several phenomena in physics, which are well explained by spring models for solids. In some parts within the molecule, there is a considerable localized motion in comparison to other parts of the same molecule. The composition can be considered of several Fourier components. Thus, the spreading or vice-versa dewetting depends upon the interactions of the substrate and on any other media if in contact with film [ 18 ]. In this discussion of theory, the contribution of surface free energy is implicit. When its amplitude gets the dimension of the thickness of the film, the film is broken [ 16 ].

A photomicrograph of early stage dewetted pattern is as shown in Figure 7 as obtained by the author by a 3D NVT-MC simulation for a thin polymer film confined between two parallel hard walls. The upper hard wall is kept two layers above the initial configuration of the thin polymer film. The cellular targets of versatile quantum-dot beads or polymer microarrays can be changed simply by changing their surface chemistry, and thus the surface must be tailored for different biological applications [ 9 ]. A 3D graph representing time evolution of spines at early stages linear regime [ 27 ]. The resultant structure will become a mixture of two homogeneous phases. The holes then grow, and the rims ahead of the holes eventually merge to form cellular structures. Physicists have tried to understand such interactions. The acyclic saturated hydrocarbons become more hydrophobic as the carbon chain length increases.

The steady state itself being unstable, the system dwells on it for anomalously large time [ 36 ].

Advances in Condensed Matter Physics

View at Google Scholar V. The dipole-dipole directional interactions are linearly polarized so that it restricts the system to develop a perfect global minimization of free energy or say the system can not behave as liqiud super molecule. For going to the mathematical analysis of spinodal decomposition, two further assumptions are needed for the simplification of the problem.


Such studies are helpful in understanding the adsorption properties of the coated substrates.

There is no constraint of local energy conservation. The formation of circular holes originated from large dust particles, defects, or heterogeneities is defined as nucleation. Sharma and Reiter [ 26 ].

[] Stability and dewetting of thin liquid films

Two types of interactions are taken into account for nonpolar, unexcited atoms: The above equation is known as the Cahn-Hilliard equation. Figure 8 shows a micrograph of surface-directed phase separation with one phase minority. Gwarikar, Vishwanathan, and J. Molecular-scale electronic devices and its biological counterparts are fast becoming a good bet.

In this paper, we have started with a random distribution of A-B liquif Films formed by gold nanoparticle polyoctylthiophene blends exhibit vvolatile from the circular regions of the morphological structures. We need a detailed mechanism for explaining regular patterns originated from initially randomly distributed holes, says G.

Semi-infinite periodic boundary condition has been employed for the model system, because it is not plausible to work with infinitely large system to get correct picture of the time evolution.

It can be observed that spinodal dewetting of thin films and surface-directed phase separation show significant similarities in their evolution justifying their common spinodal rupturing mechanism.

Phys. Rev. E 70, () – Spinodal dewetting in a volatile liquid film

Spinodal dewetting of thin polymer films are observed above their glass-transition temperature, which is quite high even in comparison to room temperature. The Theory and the Mathematical Modeling There are mainly two theories which can explain dewetting of thin films satisfactorily. In fact, it is well known that breathing effect through nucleus have been observed in spin relaxation processes in case of dielectric phenomena, but the effect of dipole-quadrupole has been not yet discussed or found any attention in scientific realm when describing similar processes of relaxation as spinodal dewetting of thin nanofilms which takes place in a time window of few nanoseconds in case of metal films and of several hours in case of polymer films and any colossal discussion or theory is not available.


Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded. This condition can be always fulfilled if the spatial variation in the density of the composition is very slow. Series I Physics Physique Fizika. Though the two processes as spinodal dewetting of thin films and surface-directed phase separation are phenomena of different temperature regimes, but the phenomenology of the evolution of the instabilities is common causing rupturing in the films.

Few essential characteristic features of the spinodal mechanism are as follows. In this discussion of theory, the contribution of surface free energy is implicit. Periodic boundary condition is applied in X direction.

A novel molecular scale-driving mechanism coming from asymmetric interface formation in spinodal processes is also proposed. View at Google Scholar N. Some segments may have certain freedom of movement, whereas others do not have [ 41 ].

Spinodal dewetting in a volatile liquid film.

Any isotropic or correlated or both together can lead to a direct deviation from Poisson distribution. Table of Contents Alerts. The number of holes created in film increases with run time. With the manifold developments in science and technology every year, the sizes of the applied devices are getting more and more compact, and thus the technologists are confronting more and more complications in the production of such devices. View at Google Scholar H. Spinodal rupturing and creation of holes have been experimentally shown to fit for Poisson distribution but those are lisuid cases not for such enforced or confined system which could enhance lateral modes of relaxation.

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