The movie focuses on GMOs genetically modified organisms and apparently got a 4 minute standing ovation at Cannes Film Festival this past week! This show delves into each girls personal life and struggle, romance and friendship! That’s why there was a point wherein there was a time skip between 2 episodes. I found this scene so cute and awesome. And the misunderstanding just deepens with Hanna’s “revelation” so I’m guessing this will put a gap between the roommates. She pretty much goes at anyone that takes a liking to Taejoon, and if he actually likes someone back, it’s full on hatred.

His acting I guess is improving by a little. Since I haven’t read the manga or seen the other versions, all I can do is wait till Wed-Thurs like everyone else! I know it’s ridiculously outside of the main story, but I want more Hyun Jae. I’m totally on the Hyun-jae boat too! Eungyol saw their closeness, and broke them. Link here — http:

She agrees and all her friends are envious. Thanks for the great recap, gummimochi!

To the Beautiful You Holds Press Conference and Releases Long Trailer

And just not let my brain think when JH doesn’t know the guys are protective of her. Seungri hugged him and said “take a good care” telling her to say goodbye to everyone else. What I worry about most is that with Hanna and Tae Joon’s “love” that Jae Hee will feel that Tae Joon doesn’t like her any more and there will be misunderstandings like in You’re Beautiful.

If she finds out he knows, the same thing will happen– she’d probably refuse to be his roommate from then on. On the other hand, Junghoon pretty much forces Taejoon to realize his feelings, and to also realize that his way to Jaehee’s heart isn’t guaranteed. Jaehee said she will leave.


After they paid, they went to eat the spicy rice cake.

You’re totally breaking my heart. Stop torturing us with your half-confessions! In the party, JAehee got bored and was about to call Taejoon.

To the Beautiful You Holds Press Conference and Releases Long Trailer | A Koala’s Playground

The movie focuses on GMOs genetically modified organisms and apparently got a yo minute standing ovation at Cannes Film Festival this past week! Oh crap — that look in her eye is like we just woke a sleeping dragon or something.

I’m blinded by the cute, for sure. He warns that informing the principal can implicate Tae-joon. You are commenting using your WordPress. Nam Sang Hyo Yoo In Na is the manager of wedding planning at the hotel and rules over her domain down to the last detail 110 provide her clients with the most memorable dream weddings. I think Hanna does have some right to be pissed as hell.

I actually found out about this movie thanks to Lily Collins, who is also in the film. Tae-Joon joins her, she tries to leave he grabs her shirt and pulls her back and takes her on the bus. Taejoon saw it and excuse himself. I read the manga way back when and watched both the Taiwanese and Japanese drama versions. The end scene is pretty much the same with the manga I don’t remember that.

There is a list of K drama’s that were originally Comics from different places and under different names. Laya September 18, at 9: Big Bang Day 4 Favorite female group?


You are commenting using your Twitter account. Jaehee said she got touched, and asked why he did that. Eungyol said he can’t send her like this and said there will be a way. To The Beautiful You. Los Mejores besos de los Dramas Favoritos.

Minea A disclaimer would’ve been helpful, right? He told TAejoon, if he can’t make Jaehee happ, he should let her go.

By 0ly40 Started September 7, I am enjoying all of the cute so much! Main cast A famous actress gets caught in a scandal with a son of a rich family.

Since the principal found the porn in Taejoon’s place, the inpection in JAehee was stopped. Vinglf feel like I’m breaking the law or something!

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Are you kidding me?! There are a ton of familiar faces in the international cast! The preview looks okay ebautiful I will wait until this is completed and marathon this drama instead. Hanna nudges at her manager, fishing for compliments about how well Tae-joon and Hanna look together. Does anybody notice beside me that “Jay Dawson” has a classmate named “Amber”???

Jaehee told him to return peisode the dorm but Taejoons said being with her is the best rest.

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