And that is why he wanted to be a useful person so that people are glad that he is born. There were a lot of plot holes as you pointed out, to be sure, but it was satisfying with plenty of good moments, charm, music, and eye candy including a No min woo cameo: One of the stories that really attracted me was the relationship between Donam and Kyudong. Sun Woo told his mother the truth so she could fix it, but that involved contacting SC’s mother. I was surprised by Sun Woo’s vocals in this episode. Sun-woo smiles at the group photo of the Color Bar members. Rashell August 5, at 8: Like Seol-chan and Se-yi – there were no grand declarations of love, but how much more awesome was that sequence of them walking back and forth at night with the musicians following them?

I have to go back and watch for these nuances in the final episode again. My deranged mind wants me to believe that Joon Hee may have slightly, oh so very slighty, kinda maybe liked Se Yi. But his hot temperament always gets him into hot water, which his management agency has to constantly try to rectify and smooth over. He asks what he can do in exchange for her to help him. Mar August 6, at Can we download the song? The feeling I got was that he wanted to compete fairly or well the most fair way possible just based on the music. Sadly, it faltered in certain things.

I also liked that the final song highlighted each singer of the group even Donam!

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But I welcome them as the background stories were different from what I thought and they sounded more logical than what I had presumed earlier. It’s not like you can tell your heart, “be reasonable. Kang Ha Neul has better voice and Jun Hyung but his techniques seem not that stable, especially when he has to do high notes.


Is it only me that I want Seyi to end up with Sunwoo I love this feeling of longing for more. But little Sunwoo needed to report his whereabout to his mom too to keep her at ease and also he believed they needed an alternative adult’s help.

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We then jump back to that fateful night as Dad speeds down the road. Not everything needs to monsyar tied up in a neat bow.

Your recap is finally here! Didn’t like the programming bit for a concert standoff that didn’t feel particularly like a standoff anyway – too much deux ex machina. Saboriana August 6, at Anyway, Nana saved him physically and the others including Do Nam later on. You are awesome, and it is his loss, not yours!!

No idealization from a distance there. And why yes, I totally laughed at Byun PD in his losing battle against the vending machine.

It’s my turn to say it: Things are getting bleak for Color Bar as they bite their nails waiting for Se-yi and Seol-chan to return. And that he did it in front of Nana kinda spoke of the level of comfort with her. Rubysing August 6, at So the result comes out really nice. He appears all grown up on the outside, and because of his mother he has to be or at least thinks so but seriously, on the inside he is just as much a teenager as the rest of the bunch.

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I forgot to vjdeo to my earlier comment that, in the end, when Sun Woo was trying on mpnstar jacket Nana gave him, I thought that he started to accept Nana since the reason he hadn’t before may have been because he thought they were too different?


We can be deranged together! They sing together as a collective voice, a band united as one. Plus, it seems more like this show’s character to leave it open ended.

From the discussion in the last episode recap, it seems like it’s a BIG deal in Korea. The boys stare in shock as the writer describes the gruesome details, and Se-yi finally makes a run for it. I watched this on the site that can’t be named–because I paid for a subscription to that site before I found this site and learned how e. Thank you so very, very much!

Sun Woo trakhir his mother the truth so she monwtar fix it, but that involved contacting SC’s mother. It cracks me up to realize that this is a world where the adults and other authority figures mostly fell in line to the teenagers by the end of the series and other minor appearances help to bookend the series.

I some how, at time, can’t really feel him. The kids are only in their second year of high school; there’s one more year left for them.

The beatbox performance of Do-nam with Kyu-dong joining him in song, as they perform an impromptu 2NE1 medley [Episode 5] 8. She lets him choose the song. There’s no need for those ordinary words. That said, the subbing was awful.

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