The bigger brand names such as Horizon Hobby with their Blade lineup of heli, uses magnet wires for their antennas and for the tail motor. That is to say support PWM input rates up to Hz for great response on your quad-copter. I know some of you guys want to know things like this. If EMS or trackable delivery service is selected, you can conveniently monitor delivery status. Until then, take a look at preparing for flashing the ESC here: If you like to personalize things, you’ve come to the right place. From Overseas China help Products use air delivery and it may take 5 or more days for delivery to arrive at the destination. Also, with the AP as it comes from HobbyKing, you have to reverse the shaft.

I consider it a prototype, but it could qualify for production work. Can’t you see item description well? Here are the actual values as measured with the digital caliper. Pay only one shipping fee for purchasing multi items among same shipping fee group items in a cart. On top of that, there seem to be a huge problem where the stock brushed motor tend to die very early deaths. Versus the KISS v1. Also, keep in mind that having to flow the solder at a higher temp usually slows down the manufacturing process.

Not only that, the programming pads are big and accessible. No Co-shipping item in shopping cart. Signal wire polarity in case someone needs this info in the future.

For wires, magnet wires, also known as enamel wires, are a must have in your tool kit. And a couple of closing shots of the Aura Hopefully this indicates that the ESC will prove to be a reliable performer. And to the far left, is the KISS 18a.

Orders that are imported may be subject to customs duties levied by destination country. Versus the KISS v1. I replaced the 1. One motor yields a lot of wire. City Road Carpets For Chil Status All Unanswered Processing Answered. Weight as they come out of the package. Let me know if that helps you or if I need to clarify any steps.


Extremely low internal resistance Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity Safety thermal over-load protection Auto throttle shut down in signal lose situation Supports high RPM motors Power arming protection prevents the motor from accidentally running when switched ON Use new generation spideg the MOSFETs to make sure the ESC with low heating and more reliability. After the mod to a brushless motor, the mSR X finally has the pop Zts like to see in my micro heli.

The positive quality of the mSR X is quickly the flybarless heli respond to your cyclic command. I measured with my digital calipers at You can edit at Wish List. It arrived with 20guage silicone wires for the main power.

ZTW Spider Series 12A OPTO ESC With SimonK Program

Then you can follow this guide for modding it for the same function. Unless you already have an official SilLabs Toolstick. Here are the ISP pad locations for your reference: Additionally, clear photos and explanation is the overall goal of this site. Side by side with the KISS 18a v1. On top of that, there seem to be a huge problem where the stock brushed motor tend to die very early deaths. I put a blob of solder on the tip of my iron and touch the end of the magnet wire to it.

A look at the opposite side. I know some of you guys want to know things like this. Aslo we have wide range of products in this product line. This is what BLHeli creator Steffen has to say about it: I think it will need a larger pinion. You can find magnet wires if you search for them online. One final trick, for aesthetics, I will use the same color for positive and negative.


Nine Eagles is spide manufacturer that uses magnet wires to extend to the tail motor. Then gave it a quick inspection. This allow you to cut out the prototype with a xacto knife and scissors. Same types they use on many battery packs. These ESCs have proven to offer excellent performance in Multi-rotor applications. Doing it this way allow you to make precise changes on the computer.

Can’t you see item description well? I do this by putting one end into the power drill and hold the opposite end.

But Programming by TX is left enabled. So kudos to Favorite and MultiRotorMania. Super fast Refresh Rate up to Hz make these a very smooth controller. You can use BLHeli Suite to program it into a 4 interface flashing toolstick.

top 10 most popular ztw spider 12a opto esc list

Touch the end of the magnet wire to a solder blob for a second to strip the enamel and tin it at the same timeIt takes but a second and you get a perfectly tinned tip, ready to be solder. Littlebee 21a esc sMore info can be found on RC Groups discussion thread: And for completeness, here is the order of how I hook seriex up. If you like to personalize things, you’ve come to the right place.

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