Meanwhile, April wants to explore her newfound feelings for her close friend, Reggie, but has a hard time doing so. As Raquel continues to look for investors for Indulgence, she considers a partnership with Terrence in his new business venture. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. April runs into her ex-husband Darryl special guest star Anthony Montgomery and is shocked to learn the identity of his new girlfriend guest star Pilar Sanders. Retrieved June 2, Also, Felicia is in the midst of a divorce.

Elsewhere, Felicia is on a search for new talent. Antonio reveals something to Raquel that could damage their relationship, while April deals with being single and spending time alone. Raquel Lancaster 26 episodes, Terrell Tilford After meeting Charles’ current flame and ex-girlfriend, Padma, Raquel realizes that she must confess her love or possibly lose him forever. Retrieved March 11, Raquel plans on buying the boutique but must convince Eve first, while a lover special guest star William Levy from the past returns into her life. Keisha, though still angry with Malcolm, gives Val her blessing to work with him.

Roshanda’s ex-boyfriend returns with an agenda.

Views Read Edit Xeason history. Retrieved April 9, Keisha and Malcolm begin to settle back into life in Atlanta as they find a new house, but Naomi and Sean get ready to play their next card.

Single Ladies – o2TVSeries

Retrieved March 4, On August 22,VH1 renewed the series for a third season to premiere in late With co-operating a new club venture with partner Austin, Terrence’s personal problems arise as he tries to search for answers involving Raquel’s disappearance. Val finally discovers Jerry’s one flaw and it might be a deal-breaker for her.


Raquel is held hostage by the ruthless Deacon, and the Malcolm believes that Naomi may know where she is located. Keisha decides to take her relationship with Malcolm up a notch, but with mixed emotions.

For the first time in his life, Omar deals with romantic rejection. Terrence Franks 19 episodes, April Goldberg 41 02tvseriess, D. After an eye-opening encounter with Malcolm, Keisha finally commits to Sean, only to discover he’s been committed elsewhere.

Keisha agrees to help Malcolm out a tough situation. Also, Terrence finally has found the lead that he needed on Raquel’s murderer. After a night out with the girls, Keisha’s doubts about Sean 02tvseriss a distant memory when he comes to her aid after she’s victimized.

Single Ladies (TV Series – ) – IMDb

Keisha moves on from Malcolm and begins a whirlwind relationship with a British military officer who has a shocking secret. April attempts to keep her affair a secret.

April meets David Berenger at a party but their relationship becomes complicated when she learns that he works at Price Management.

Tension continues to rise between Omar and Nate. The show was tested as a movie before being turned into a episode series. Archived from the original on July 22, Sinhle, Keisha becomes concerned as Terrence’s past life may impact his budding relationship with Raquel.

Christina is baffled by her new boyfriend’s hot-and-cold act. Val Stacey Dash is an ambitious, aspiring fashion mogul who wants to find a true partner.

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Meanwhile, April is feeling the pressure of Felicia’s demands. Full Cast and Crew.


Retrieved September 6, Season 1 – Malcolm’s father. Meanwhile, bad publicity hovers around Austin, infuriating Sharon Love in the process. Executive director Olde reports that “TV, sometimes, under the best of circumstances, is a gut business,” and went on to say that, after testing the script, the response was good enough for them to develop it into the series. Catch Up With the Cast April sets out to score points with Felicia by introducing her to everyone at Indulgence, and meets a new guy in the process.

And Christina gives Omar relationship advice.

Single Ladies

Retrieved October 5, Meanwhile, Keisha, along with Chilli, attends the Millionaire’s of Atlanta event in hopes of meeting eligible rich bachelors. Critical reception of Single Ladies were not too favorable, Media Life Magazine reporter Tom Conroy reported that, “The female characters are either one-note Keishainscrutable April or incoherent Val.

Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Dayna Lynne North Teleplay by: Meanwhile, Terrence makes a deal with Maximus in return sfason information on Raquel. Keisha learns that Malcolm is keeping another secret from her. Kim Porter as Jasmine Season 1 – a conniving ex- video vixen that blackmails Keisha.

And Christina’s exciting offer from the guy she’s dating isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

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