Bring a new pair for her. Laksh says Swara called her and she said she is at the park. He says he will not give his life and says it is so filmy. And 1 more thing meenakshi, I was also a swalak fan at the beginning. Sanskar looks at Swara. They are correct, if someone betrays your trust, you cannot trust them back.

Ragini gets tensed and thinks Laksh might tell Annapurna that she went missing. Both male lead are in love with swara and. Mithu 4th Nov – 1: Sanskar goes without talking to them. Laksh tries to search her and asks the people. Laksh and Sanskar were best friend,, they know each other since childhood.. Laksh humself abdandoned Swara, called her characterless and now he want her again in his life..

Sanskar says my case is different. And even if she does goes back with him it will look wrong because she is still married to sanskar.

And their is no way k ye Bhabhi dewar ek ho jayenge. I also think that swara started to have feelings for sanskar.

Someone in the earlier comment said that relationships and marriage is based on trust.

Sujata sees her going to his room. Sujata prays that the moon shall appear soon.


Seems like she is sparing Sanskar. Laksh tells Swara that if he proves Ragini wrong then she has to help him kick Ragini out of his life and then she has to return in his life. Ragini comes there and asks what you all are doing here?

Swaragini has become Swara Vs Ragini now. And the imp thing if u let raglaksh unite it will prove ragini right. Please make Ragini old Ragini. Ha Ha There are no chances of uniting Laksh with Ragini.

Swaragini 4th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Few neighbors come to Maheshwari house and praise rangoli made by Ragini and Swara. Previous Page 3 of 3.

On the other hand, Lakshya blames Sanskaar that he did brainwashes of Swara as now she accepts him but later she can swarxgini him. Annapurna says I will come in 2 mins.

How long will this karvachauth ka arc go on? Sign in Recover your password.

Mohi 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Laksh hears everything and is shocked. Welcome, Login to your account. Who does not believe you but believes what others says, Like laksh he believed the video that ragini showed to him and then went ahead and married her.

Mohi smiles and helps her. I wish Ki pagal Ho jaae ye ya mar jaaye. Abhi 4th Nov – 9: Both male lead are in love with swara and.


But he episoe have tell it before so that no one will be hurted! Lee 9th Nov – Durga Prasad and Ram are happy with the arrangements.

writteen Durga Prasad and Annapurna smiles. Aur ye laksh ki vakalat bandh karo woh dudh pita bacha tha Jo ragini ki bato me wfitten gaya. WhateverI will a SwaLaksh fan always. Saba 17th Nov – 8: Sign in Recover your password. He asks what happened? Guest 7th Nov – 3: He is her shoulder to cry on. He was again forcing swara to take him back. Laksh gets down from his car and beats the goons. Swalak and Swasan fans are fighting with each other.

Sanskar says we shall take her from back door, else everyone will get worried.

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