To her surprise, Yi-kyung learns that Ji-hyun remembers her past 47 days. At the picnic, they eat the kimbap, take photos, and joke around together. I’m not sure how satisfied I would have been if Ji-hyun had lived happily ever after. He takes her to a wishing statue, and tells her to toss a coin and make a wish. I loved that everything made sense and was so well connected and thought out. The same is true about the past and the future.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I knew I wouldn’t like the ending however, I respect the writer for creating a very emotionally evocative piece with this fictional work. Lenita May 20, at You see, she was never emotionally invested in this drama as I was. I just finished it an hour ago! I definitely felt it was intentional. We, as viewers, have mused about how this drama seemingly bends its own rules all the time. So the companies probably paid the writer to add more scenes for the them.

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Ji-hyun’s excitement is muted when she makes an significant discovery that reveals the deception around her. I have never cried such bucket loads of tears like I did for Your analysis hits right to the core.

When the drama started our main characters were so different from each other. I really liked the ending too, though it left me sad. Kang reveals that he saw the same backpack and shoes as the older sister was wearing in the pictures. Thanks to the fall of man in the beginning of the world, we have to encounter death sooner or later. She then goes to visit Min-ho in prison, and after many attempts, finally sees him for the first time in two years.

In Jung smiles through her tearful memories. Okay, I finally got a bit moist dramalad the eyes. I can pretty much take anyone else turning into a wreck, but Kang-ah?


I can’t stop crying May 25, at She is nicknamed “Optimistic Princess” by her friends because she was known to view situations through rose-colored glasses prior to the accident.

Thank you, Show, for being phenomenal. Kang was able to remain innocent and kind. When Ji-hyun asks whether the Scheduler is male, he answers that such discrimination is not practiced in the afterworld, a concept in Matthew I enjoyed reading them.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: The siblings thing came up right in the last episode, not before, to give Yi-Kyung a happy ending is what really did it for me. Yi-kyung is quitting her job at Heaven to head to Haemido to work at the new resort. Rina May 20, at 7: I even wanted Yi Soo to get reincarnated somehow.

Yi-soo guides Ji-hyun as her friend in the afterlife, and Kang guides Yi-kyung as her friend in this life. He does not retain any memories of his past; thus, he rarely evinces any sympathy towards humans. And plus, there’s nothing to even hate. In hindsight, this ending does make sense, and it is narratively more logical and superior than its alternative.

Yi Kyung sits in her room and cries, looking at a baby picture of herself and Ji Hyun.

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I just loved 49 days. Thank you for the notion! I was thinking the same thing er, not gastronomically as I was watching the ending. Reminiscing over her final words to them, they realize that she had woken up just to say her final goodbye.

He wonders who is the little girl in the photo, and the mom tells him about their missing daughter, Ji-min. For me, it was hard to believe that it was Yi Kyung who cried for Ji Hyun. Ji-hyun was traumatized at first, but was too young to remember it as she grew up. The same is true about the past and the future. Please let Ji-hyun live by my side.


And for a drama that hyped up the importance of living, they sure ended the poor girl’s life with some kind of swiftness. In-jung is first shown as the dependable friend. I enjoyed the last episode amidst lotsa tears. Bravo to 49 Days — a drama that started off choppy but found its bearing, taking me on a journey that was poignant, thought-provoking, agonizing, and ultimately, memorable and uplifting.

Oh who are we kidding? Noh comes to visit Yi Kyung. Seeing her crying for herself just hurts me so daye. I was hoping Han Kang and JiHyun would get together, but I guess this kind of ending is more beautiful and bittersweet and with a deeper meaning about love and life. He tells her that she is to die six days from now, and that this date of her death was determined as she was born.

That being said, this drama made me think about life and death and in the back of our minds, we file away the fact that we are destined to leave this earth someday, and without warning. Life must go on. Afterwards they smile at each other.

Ji-hyun tosses a coin and closes her eyes to make her wish, and Kang turns to her and closes his eyes to make his wish.

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