WAGBI nearly died due to the losses sustained by its members during the world wars. For latest winter weather data: In addition shooting had become more open with individuals pursuing several forms of the sport. Other sources of disturbance in cold weather should also be reduced, and bird watchers, bird ringers, walkers, dog-walkers, horse-riders and water-based sports, in particular, should avoid disturbing groups of feeding or resting birds. The onus is on the wildfowler to establish whether the foreshore is private. The Wildlife and Countryside Act makes the use of self loading or repeating shotguns illegal for shoting wildfowl unless fitted with a device to prevent the firing of more than three cartridges in succession without reloading.

Always carry a pocket compass, go straight to your chosen point and note the compass bearing for a safe return route. The season for waterfowl shooting inland closes on 1 February and for foreshore shooting it closes on 21 February. When you go on the foreshore for the first time go in daylight with someone who knows the area and can point out marsh boundaries and inherent dangers which occur. The content of press releases are wholly the responsibility of the originating company or organisation. For up-to-date info on Voluntary Restraints: Wildfowling on Findhorn Bay is under serious threat of a ban by by-law due to the behaviour of some participants and intense lobbying by local anti-shooters.

For up-to-date info on Voluntary Restraints: There is no shooting on the foreshore after the 31st January and night shooting is prohibited. Always carry a pocket compass, go straight to your chosen point and note the compass bearing for a safe return route. Always carry a waterproof torch but remember seaxon flashing is only justified in an emergency.

The suspension is examined sdason seven days. Return to Graphics version. This article needs additional citations for verification. Related stories Police forces spend millions subsidising gun owners This Brexit trade bill threatens parliamentary sovereignty The real Brexit cliff edge is not on Seqson 29th – it’s July 1st Labour backs second referendum: Once stricter criteria are met, a statutory suspension comes into force. Is this really happening?

Findhorn Bay is an important wildlife site with the following designations: Lengthy spells of cold weather result in many birds showing changed behaviour. For latest winter weather data: In this scheme, England and Wales are dealt with as a single ecological management unit, separately from Scotland. Below the mean high water mark of ordinary spring tides: The prudent wildfowler will, therefore, dispense with the engine altogether. This prohibits the shooting of any bird on Schedule 2 Part 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act ; in effect it introduces a temporary close season for these birds.

– The B.A.S.C. Wildfowlers Code of Conduct

The role of conservation staff Country Conservation Agency contacts see principle organisational contacts below are responsible swason agreeing with BASC if a period of voluntary restraint is required once the seventh day of severe weather is reached. It is illegal to shoot from a mechanically propelled boat in pursuit of wildfowl.


A review of the historical background to the current system of wildfowlinv weather shooting bans was published in ” Statutory Suspension of Wildfowling in Severe Weather, Review of past winter weather and actions ” JNCC Report No.

The Black hut was allegedly washed away by a big tide in but was more likely destroyed by a digger clearing the site. When wildfowling away from home, it is courteous to make contact with the secretaries of the local wildfowling clubs, to ensure that you do not encroach on private ground. Views Read Edit View history.

Remember a marsh can be spoilt by continual human disturbance – and you need not be shooting to cause a disturbance. Other sources of disturbance in cold weather should also be reduced, and bird watchers, bird ringers, walkers, dog-walkers, horse-riders and water-based sports, in particular, should avoid disturbing groups of feeding or resting birds. In addition to providing criteria for a bwsc suspension of shooting, criteria wlidfowling been agreed for periods of less prolonged severe weather, where voluntary restraint of shooting will be encouraged where appropriate.

With a membership of over[2] and staff Wildflwling is the largest and best resourced country sports organisation in the UK. They face reduced prospects for survival during such times. Hunting and shooting in the United Kingdom Organisations based in Wrexham County Borough Organizations baxc in Shotgun shooting sports Environmental organisations based bxsc the United Kingdom Shooting sports in the United Kingdom establishments in the United Kingdom Gun rights advocacy groups.

He was also concerned to protect coastal habitats to preserve wildfowl and defend shooting from “protectionist” extremists wishing to ban the sport.

Traditionally, wildfowlers prefer a 3 inch chambered gun which enables them to shoot heavier shot more effectively. They become “tame” and reluctant to fly when approached in order to avoid using up their remaining energy reserves.

The management of the second period of suspension is undertaken wildfoeling the same manner as the first.

It is hoped, however, that local and visiting wildfowlers will support this system and that lessons learned in this coming season, both good and bad, will be used to guide and inform the introduction of a future permit system to ensure the long-term viability of sustainable wildfowling on Findhorn Bay. In accordance with Section 26 5 of the Act, when the suspension affects England and Wales an advertisement is placed in the London Gazette.

In addition, many waterfowl will have flown to Britain to escape from even colder conditions in continental Europe. In England and Wales the B. The onus is on the wildfowler to establish whether such reserves exist.


Its magazine “Shooting and Conservation” has the largest circulation of any shooting magazine in Britain. BASC agree with that sentiment and are disappointed it has not materialised. Draft permit applications were subsequently produced and considered by all.

Scheme to reduce disturbance to waterfowl during severe winter weather

While this has been criticised by those who would prefer to demonise the opponents of shooting BASC has never wavered from the belief that it is better to win your opponent over to a constructive solution rather than engage in negative battles.

Saeson releases published on this page are from key opinion formers who promote their organisation’s activities by subscribing to a campaign site within politics. The patron of the association is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburghwho has held the office since It is their responsibility to disseminate this information to their regional staff, shooting clubs and syndicates and other users of waterfowl habitat, to encourage them to wilddowling disturbance to birds and to provide feedback on local conditions by completing the bird condition forms available to download on this website.

If you have any further queries regarding these waterfowl shooting suspensions, please contact either the relevant Country Agency contact or JNCC see table below.

British Association for Shooting and Conservation – Wikipedia

An important role of conservation staff is the publicising and encouraging of compliance with any call for voluntary restraint, or statutory suspension. Download bird condition observation form. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

A responsible shot will have third party liabilty insurance cover, but an excellent insurance is to follow the B. During both periods of voluntary restraint and statutory suspension of shooting, waterfowl shooters, and all who use the countryside, are encouraged to provide information on the conditions of birds and habitats by completing bird condition forms. A sharp knock on the head with a suitably heavy stick or priest is most effective.

You need permission to shoot on private foreshore. In addition, BASC will email all its wildfowling clubs and shooting syndicates calling for voluntary restraint in waterbird shooting in those parts of the country where necessary and warning of the possibility of a statutory suspension if conditions persist. Never arrive late, or depart early, and so disturb the shooting of those who have taken the trouble to get in position in good time.

Remember, if British summer time is in force, to make neccessary corrections to your tide table.

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