Aayath informs that Rocky got her address and he is coming there. If dad gets to know about it, what will he do. He asks what she would have done if she was in his place. Fahad reads a verse stating truth is a mirror, you cannot hide from it. They see each other and ask each other where were they. Aaliya brings holi Quran and asks to find his answer in it.

Zain shows file to Aaliya. Welcome, Login to your account. Zain calls Aaliya and asks what was she doing. Aaliya comes to her room and sees Zain marking on the calendar. Zain says chakkiwala works for Raghu bhai and played double game with him. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Zain comes and asks why is he here.

Surayya says Aaliya is daughter-in-law of this house, she is so irresponsible that she did not think important to inform elders. Rocky is thrown behind bars.

Zain asks her not to worry and he will come there now. Fahad says why did Chakkiwala betray him, what will happen now. Aaliya says to stay there, she will enjoying in her room. He says eisode was no girl with him.

She calls Zain, but he does not pick the call. Aayath says she will call and cuts the call. Welcome, Login to your account.

Telly Written Updates: Beintehaa – 19th March Written Update

Usman reads it and says even he is into hotel business. Like 0 Dislike 0. He asks address of the flat to order food. A password will be e-mailed to you.


Aliya TO BREAK HER MARRIAGE with Zain in Beintehaa 25th March 2014 FULL EPISODE

Zain then shows it and says anybody can get lipstick mark and asks her to stop questioning like a wife. Aaliya says she is fine and asks if her college festival got over. Aaliya says people misses someone who are nearby, but he is not there always.

Zain sees him sitting next to him and gets tensed. Jarch asks Shaziya to pack her bags.

Beintehaa 11th March Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

She says she tolerated her for 5 years, now she has to go beinteaa there. Page 1 of 1. Zain says she is irritated now and is missing her.

Usman marhc what happened. He says he will teach them a lesson and then asks her how can she help her father. Fahad says he got his answer and will go on the path of truth. Chakkiwala says he will come back and tries to go. Zain says he is coming home right now. She asks her to pack her bags and go. Zain scolds her and goes out. She sees them and is shocked. Aaliya sees him not on the bed, but says he is fine and sleeping on the bed.


He says he went with some important work.

Surayya asks everybody to go and sleep and asks Usman to come with her. Zain says Fahad that mom is searching him.

He strikes the calendar. They see each other and ask each other where were they. Aaliya asks if she remembers it. Just then constable comes and says his bail is done and opens the door. Nafisa also goes from there.

He asks Aaliya to go from there and he will come. Rocky asks Aayath to stop crying and be professional. Sign in Recover your password. Aayath sees Surayya and gets tensed. Usman comes and sits next to Zain waiting for Usman. She dpisode nothing important. Zain says even this year, he is organizing holi party and invites his friend.

Aaaliya dances on Assalame-ishhkum yaara song. Page 1 of 1. Another wife to get her sautan out, informed police. He also made betting and lost 2 crores. Zain 0214 she was a good family girl who was forcefuly dragged into escort racket, so he helped her. She says he is misunderstanding.

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