You’ll note that he’s nowhere near the top on the top played list, if he was on both then it’d be a clear indication that we’re missing out on something important. Mind Control was frustrating to play against. One thing I suggest doing is, when farming with your AA and Q, never go below mana, and at level 6, don’t go below By lowering its attack, we reduce the overall swing potential and power level of the card, but still allow players who draw it early to benefit from having a low-cost minion to play when the game state is ideal. Combined with Caitlyn, their level 1 damage potential is insane. Great list as always. Main Nasus right now.

His ganks are pretty far from terrifying relative to many other junglers. Serge Arbiter November 26, Teemo’s range is too small to be considered a true AD carry, he also doesn’t have any “ADC” steroids and is mostly played as a bruiser. As we move closer to the new Hearthstone Year, we had some concerns about allowing Patches to remain in his current state after moving out of Standard. Renekton’s just a very solid pick overall with strong lane sustain and the ability to outplay Since all those up close and personal kind of people are getting nerfed, he’s now god tier, because those were his only real counters. I’d say Jinx is very fun as well!


Mundo early and late game. Add Taric top pl0x. The Urfmeister November 27, Aya November 30, Draven still has a super early game and an insane late game, he’s still one of the best ADCs out there. To address these issues, the cost of Blade Flurry is moving from 2 to 4 mana, and it will now only affect minions, so that Rogues have to choose between removing threats or damaging the enemy Hero. Quinn is like the awkward child that doesn’t fit in with any of the AD carries.

She also has few bad match-ups in lane, and with Kassadin nearly permabanned, is a very strong pick right now. The notes for these changes were extensive. I’m also not sure if he deserves to be the number one jungler, but he is definitely one of the best right now. It’s as unimpactful and useless as maokai’s ult. I play on the KR server as Platinum and recently started playing Nautilus.

Everyone plays the game differently. With this change, we expect Undertaker will still be better than other 1-Mana minions when played in a deck with a Deathrattle theme, but more likely to die in combat against other minions.

Oh i forgot to add one last thing We think Hearthstone is most fun when strategies are consistently evolving.

In line with our overall goal to make Silence effects more costly, Ironbeak Owl is moving from 2 to 3 mana. Jay November 28, Lissandra – Simply not a very solo queue friendly champion.


Dammnation December 05, Basically, once he hits lvl 6 everyone must be scared of him coming to gank. How do you think they became god tier supports seemingly out of nowhere? Leona – Leona and Taric are broken right now. Its just as simple as befor Zed isnt deadly in everyones hand since he got a highskill cap.

2013 Champion Tier List – Solo Queue – Patch 3.14 Preseason Update

You have to farm with his basic attacks and Q simultaneously, but you will actually secure more last hits this way. Mundo is a t3 jungle because of his lack of solid CC. Significant changes to cards are usually announced to the player upon loading the client saeson the first time following the changes.

I’ve played her recently and she has a pretty good laning phase if you avoid harass correctly.

LoL Tier List [God Tier Solo Queue Top Jungle Mid ADC Support]

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