And because I will continue to support Se-kyung and Seung-jo as a couple. But all in all, thoroughly enjoyed this drama, though it did have some writing problems in the middle somewhere, but the rest of it including the soundtracks,love ’em! I glad the break so I can catch up School and king of dramas. These two are PROS— it could get really outrageous. I really wished the writers also focused on Secretary Moon and Ah Jung’s relationship. I just watched the raw video for episode Eventually the Red Queen shifts to In-hwa and Mrs.

If Se Kyung were to confess everything to him about her intentions now we wouldn’t have more drama to watch then her going “all the way black” wouldn’t be fufilled. Down the Rabbit Hole: And in the end he’s the dreamer or Red King who’ll cause Alice to disappear if he wakes up. I would rather not have it drag out. They were each other yesterday–she who believed that ‘all you need is love’ and he who learned that ‘love stinks’ after his break up. He screams out that he has something to tell her. Once Yoon-joo leaves, Seung-jo looks up the business card for Carrey Park Gallery, where his painting was eventually kept. Here, he is the voice of reason and the only one who uses his heart correctly at the moment.

Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun! Furthermore, one way of loving sk is to realize her needs and desires and work on those with her. I think Yj is trying to give her advice and an Jung gives some bad advice too. I LOL’ed and rewound at that scene, too. Yoon-joo happily notes that Se-kyung must have rubbed off on her, and inspired her to give up everything she had to keep her pride.

Because I’m honestly SO sick of these perfect candy heroines that you can find in a dozen in Korean dramaland.


I just want to say it’s been awhile since I’ve read really good recap comments thread at DB. He notices a lot are from a Secretary Kim…. At first it was funny to watch him but little by little he epcrama of started annoying me with his weird character.

In real life they’re usually hiding.

Thanx koala unni for this! Se Kyung has busted her but for years with little to nothing to show for it in terms of career advancement. It’s no surprise that she panicked, right?

Down the Rabbit Hole: Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 3 and 4

Oh dear God he is so funny. The unifying theme of Alice in Wonderland is what helped. Se-kyung composes a letter to Jean Thierry Cha, and gives it to Ah-jung for a read-through. Hopefully, it was a Happy Ending and the lingering feeling in my mouth is not too bad. After so many interesting comments that made me understand HSK character and her actions way better, I still want to say that while I don’t actually hate her as a person, I do hate her actions though I understand them.

Either way, your last two comments were awesome. One of the associates informs him that his painting was sold a few days ago to the man who originally donated it to the gallery. She just knows he is weird. Although I know full well that a person even more cynical than myself would rather suggest listening to “Money” by Liza Minelli and Joel Grey from “Cabaret”.

Once Yoon-joo leaves, Seung-jo looks up the business card for Carrey Park Gallery, where his painting was eventually kept.

Alice in Wonderland doesn’t have an easily translated through-plot. What the hell did I know of life at her age, and for that matter, what the hell do I still know of life? We had such a solid, solid cast.


Based on personal, on-going experience. Each to his own] I don’t believe anyone in this particular thread argued that Se Kyung wasn’t hurting herself.

The heroine ended up marrying the hero in the name of love.

Those are the two meanings I take with living with your eyes half opened. I just thought she was taking his supposed craziness as something inevitable rather than something making her feel valuable.

Han Se a gold digger?

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Hi koala unni, First merry Xmas to you and your family… thank you for the recap of episode 8. Jean Thierry Cha is the President. However, I now fully realize that I never really wanted her to succeed. And she left her cell phone behind and he took it.

I laughed so hard. Excited for it all!

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 8 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

I am anxious to find out if he will be friend for foe toward Se Kyung. Episodr agree with Saturtledaisy. I also would like to see YJ and her husband making it work, I really wish this. Betsy Hp January 29, at 5: Seung Jo is introduced and he steels himself before walking out.

I always feel like shaking the heroine and telling her: That PPL throws me every time. One rule of thumb, never leave any incriminating evidence in writing. Someone had a cheongdamong, a wish that they wanted and actually made it a reality. There are ten candidates for a new entry level position that Seung-jo will have to interview, and he gives him a portfolio.

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