Lacoque shows both talent and grit at the negotiating table. Meanwhile, Huckle has completed repairs on the Dougram and Crin returns to battle, killing Brink and squadron leader Burrell, the last pilots of the 24th. Von Stein himself says he wants Deloyeran statehood with a seat on the Federation Council, not independence, and Donan decrees that it shall be so, starting on October 6. Neruoda delivers money to Samarin, hunkering down in a port awaiting passage to Palmina. Lacoque mediates a lucrative deal with Royle Cashim for weapons from Earth. Destin is carrying a transmitter, which Rocky notices when Eddie comes up in a trailing pickup truck and shouts that the former company commander is a traitor. Ryousuke Takahashi Takeyuki Kanda Script: On the phone with Lacoque afterwards, Destin shouts at him to do his own dirty work.

To the more triumphant section of the song, the seven people all run across a desert, implicitly identified with the birds. All six of his comrades run up and jump for joy while the boy fires into the air. Destin informs the resistance men outside the dam that Samarin suggested they go to Bonar if something like the present setback should occur. Best Anime – Top Turning to go, Locke tells Carmel and his closest associates that he, for one, will be watching them for a very long time. As a reward, Festa offers the technician some water. However, the Federation base at Dancougar, if resupplied, would threaten victory. Theron Martin has the details.

Rocky talks to Crin about Deloyeran cuisine, a hotchpotch stew heavily seasoned with garlic because the other ingredients are arbitrary and usually terrible. Masahisa Douggram Theme Song Composition: They have about troops gathered on site. Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on.

Carmel says to his Public Order officer that all the Fang has to do is lay down their arms and they will be free to go as heroes of the revolution.


Meanwhile, reinforcements arrive from Earth. The Fang tails his car to the villa where he is being held, guarded by armless epiisode AG9s and other heavy weapons. He kills several soldiers in jeeps.

Continuing this discussion in private with his wife, Fina, Donan says that Crin and he are not so different: Violent electrical phenomena in its upper atmosphere are visible from space, as are the two rings.

Earth is mentioned as having 8 billion people and its carrying capacity is dropping. Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Zaltsev enters military prison. Donan allows Von Stein to go ahead with his plan of focusing on the Palminan wilderness, apart from trying to recapture Samarin. Locke tries to comply but has to break straight through the enemy line.

The man shouts, causing a firefight, but later cooperates to save his life.

Telling Watkins, in a threatening manner, to take good care of his master, Lacoque simply leaves. He says his farewells and dies. Three shots depict the death rougram Heath and Evans abstractly: Katsuya Kirino ep 36 Yasuhiro Imagawa. Eddie is despondent, showing Rocky a note of unknown provenance, which contains the claim that even Samarin has defected to the Federation. Samarin instead welcomes him to the rebellion.

At the spaceport, Reik is referred to as Captain Boyd. The trouble, they say, is at Kardinal City. Reik is shocked as Donan explains to him privately how this will prevent any real military resistance from forming. Tokyo Laboratory In-Between Animation: What should we add next? A more personal reason is that my father once gave me a model kit of the Epispde itself after a trip abroad, long before he or I knew that Japanese animation existed.

Zaltsev also has the outside of the walls sprayed with poison gas, correctly intuiting that Crin, Rocky and Locke are climbing the walls without gas masks. Nonetheless, its presence helps strike a balance between the epic and the dramatic. When they appear, Crin raises the Dougram. Daisy is shocked to hear that Crin does kill. Only Watkins seems to notice that Lacoque is crushing his bouquet of flowers as he episde his spin on recent events. Lartav agrees to take Daisy to Bonar.


Taiyou no Kiba Dougram

An unnamed group argues that Deloyer must not cut off contact with Earth, because scientific information from Earth is too valuable. The Federation notices the blasts and sends a squadron to mop up. Are they fickle, or intelligent and adaptable, or deceptive?

Some other veterans rush out of a bar to ask Samarin what happened. Donan does not confirm this. This George, whose name sounds French, has no relation to George in episode 12, whose name sounded English. At the eougram, Carmel meets with Destin, who pours tall drinks and promises peace talks.

Lacoque orders the live broadcast replaced with reruns before the Dougram appears and fires at a giant portrait of Von Stein. While the Fang crosses a fast and guarded river on the way to Andy, Huckle comments that the Dougram needs extensive repair.

Sugar-coating the offer, Dougrm suggests that he can help build up the position of the Three States in the interim, by revealing a scandal that implicates Donan.

Dougram in brief | VE

Nick Creamer has the details. Crin defeats Hank and Aaron at the bottom of a mining pit, triggering an international diplomatic incident. Zaltsev unsuccessfully ambushes the Seven from atop a ravine and Daisy throws away a letter from her mother after reading it.

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