But, enough with Pol Sci. I forgot to mention my appreciation for javabeans’ and girlfriday’s efforts to analyse and deconstruct the plots and its implications for us.. I’m so frustrated that she hasn’t caught on yet, at least acknowledge the difference! Mama J August 2, at 9: But I think that wouldn’t be good for the storyline I never wanted a drama to finish for my nerves’ sake and yet continue on for thirty episodes before! Thank you so much for the recap, Girlfriday!

Remember the convo where Shunji took Kang to to task for being informal! Many actors try to avoid it. Fangirls can be very stubborn and vicious. Where does that intensity come from, dude? This drama is probably already stirring up old emotions in the older folks and new emotions of anger in the younger generation. I half-expect him to XD. She asks how he could betray the movement, and Mok Dan, who was a daughter to him. She has her usual Why the hell would I know or care about that bastard?

On the other hand He thanks both Episodde and Baek Gun, and mourns the loss of one comrade and the capture of the other. And today’s post just made me eyeroll so bad.

Who the hell in the world would do that?

If that was Kang To, what are the writers going to write about for the next 10 episodes? J July 13, at 5: Damsari will possibly die too.

Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

Awe July 19, at Dan finally decides to leave when Kang To walks in and tries to drag her dramabeanw, only to be stopped short by a gun in the face by Shunji. That would be interesting to watch: I love Haruki Murakami too!


While their guns are pointed towards Kang To, his is raised to the air. It’s about liberty and justice. Yes, but if you got caught with him, who would save him?

I’m really trying to like this drama. I do admire his ability to think fast on his feet while running, but epksode thin lies do not befit a hero. The officers argue that the circus keeps trying to put on a show, while Mok Dan argues that they have to put on a show to eat and live—how long is he going to keep them on watch like this?

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Kinda just agksital boring plot point And so many beautiful men on the streets and beaches of, well, everywhere. Alarmed, Shunji intervenes and holds Murayama back and tells the others to drag Kang-to out. Keep them coming, Gaksitaaaaaaaal! Shunji is those guys whom girls should avoid at all cost, even though he can be really sweet and nice.

As the character that seemed most doomed to die, it was eposode nice twist to see her get a fresh start.

On the other hand it was too rushed and maybe she was in shock?? Or, at the very least, brings down Koiso. It was funded by private individuals, and its founder was Hakbong Yi Suk Gu, also a distant relative of the royal family. I have to agree with you, the subject of comfort women is a sensitive one that I would rather discuss in a more serious tone and setting.


I was soooo excited!!! I visited comfort women when I was last in Korea and their stories still haunt me.

Something unforgettable, but then again, it’s just my prediction. Airyn August 9, at 8: I do not think the past pain will back again to both nations. Does that mean she wasn’t saved!? I know they literally worked their butt off ahem, although Joowon kept his rather well for this show. So I think it is unfair to say that education dramabeaans the mass was nonexistent in Josun, or that Josun was uninterested in educating its people. Damn he gets worse with each episode, it’s so scary watching him now Please Rie mustn’t die!!!

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Episode 18, you have made my long wait completely worthwhile. Which idiot who knows that she’s WANTED walks around in broad daylight with no cover whatsoever and bolts immediately when confronted by the enemy?

Jesse August 10, at 6:

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