You and your crew could have given this show a thorough translation checking and turn this into a sub project. Consulting your Worries [ edit ] 26 “Mohe-Mohe! The Kena-Kena Woman Episode 9. Meanwhile, being a sukeban in her youth, Miki tracks Ran in an underground club, easily taking her down and dragging her back to SCRTC to force her to remember her heart and regain her oldself, allowing Ran to help Jyan and Retu, as well as have her use her Kageki to burn the Ringi off her. After scrapping Nunchaku Banki, the Pollution Ministers retreat to have Meka fend for himself, however, Long breaks from his seal, discarding his robot vessel with intent to get his revenge to be completely free. But on their way, they encounter the Mononoke, who tied them up and took the package. With his last breath he bestowed upon Eiji his shakujo so he could fight the Ashu. This site uses cookies.

At the same time, Jyan is out in town buying some menchi katsu , but a young man in a white jumpsuit buys the last one before Jyan can. Elehung also revealed the item they had delivered to him was the Geki Hammer which Ran is to master to fight Muzankose. But Sha Fu reveals they were a distraction as the three Gekirangers arrive, mastering the Kenmas’ power to finish Rio’s plan and the means to defeat Long: Meanwhile, after surviving Kata’s training to channel his hatred, a bloodthirsty, berserk Rio attacks the Rinsis with rage to amplify his malice even more until Rio’s hatred became new Rinki, to Mere’s horror. She was adopted by Souta after returning to her true form. As a southern state, Chu was close to the Wu-Yue influences, Chu produced broad bronze swords that were similar to Wuyue swords, but not as intricate. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Production began on September 29, with principal photography beginning on October 6, and it premiered on TV Asahi on February 18,, and concluded its airing on February 10,

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Ken decides to befriend Jyan by giving him menchi katsu, but it does not work. After Naga was terminated by Ultimate Daibouken, Ragi put the Aqua Crystal in its rightful place and returned to the City of Water, but, couldn’t step into the sea waters until Satoru gave him the new crystal forged from the shattered remains of his father’s Proof of Water as a thanks for the “greatest adventure”.

Episodee Path [ edit ]. He escapes to meet Sachiko and give her a birthday present, noticing Mere watching him.


But Ken and Jyan refused to accept defeat, managing to defeat their respective opponents. He finds himself fighting Shizuka of the Wind of Dark Shadow. With Rio feeling Gou still alive and with greater strength like the others, this incites him to access the Dorinki within himself, just as Long had planned.

It translates what the team are called as shownthe mecha, and the weapons, while the other side Juken Sentai Gekiranger leaves those stuff in Japanese. Natsume storms out and Miki tries to reassure her, until they are attacked by Sorisa and her Rinsis. Mere, having survived the attack, purposely attacks the Gekirangers while they were training in order to goad them into using the Geki Bazooka on her to perfect herself for Rio’s sake.

Ran manages to catch up with Jyan, who quits being a Gekiranger and runs away back to his forest home near the Beast Origin Village.

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MCS did gekirangeg of Kuuga, by the way. In a few days, the press had gotten word about Toms creation, Tom then went on to create Rampage, Inc. Well I suggest you just watch what you love, really. Through Chinese commentaries, it is known that Li Si compiled Cangjiepian and their form is characterized by being less rectangular and more squarish.

Pier 1 Imports merchandise was offered in seven Sears Puerto Rico stores prior to the termination of the agreement. Hey, I asked some questions back when you released boukenger, but this is not what I meant when I said explain some of the changes you made. Learning the werewolf to be his older brother Gou, Retu confronts him, using his silver cross to identify himself. Excellent work as always, Kira. Once giving it to Mere, she awards him with her Infinite Violent Waves, but messed up and cause him to enlarge instead.

Retu soon completed his painting afterward with Pierre asking to have it. Though he easily defeated SaiDaiOh after enlarging himself, Mere manages to snap Rio out of it to Long’s dismay, returning to normal. But he starts to feel his life starting to fade, as he was brought back by the residual Rinki that Rio used to revived Mere ten years prior.

The two giants defeat each other, with the resulting blast sending both Gou and Bae flying to the same location. As Chouda begins his attack on the city, Jyan, Ran, and Gou intervene, only to fall for Chouda’s deception.

In their second encounter, Retu manages to knock Moriya off his wall with artistic feeling at his side, forcing a fight between him and Geki Tohja. Sukeban Captain [ edit ] 23 “Gure-Gure! This is again an all HD release except for the Promo. When the Gekirangers returned from the past back to the Beast Origin Village, they find it consumed in flames. Enraged, Kademu fights the Gekirangers in full fury and was destroyed by Geki Tohja. Not wanting to stand on the sideline, Bae begins to speak to Gou’s human heart, freezing the werewolf Gou in his tracks.


In his trance, Jyan’s hidden memory is unsealed as he reveals that a dragon wiped out village and its inhabitants before assuming a human form: Extremely Kageki Episode Same with Janglish Jan speak.

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Possibility of it being worked on after GoGo. To stop Muzankose, Xia Fu sends them on an errand to a hut somewhere on Shibe Mountain, said to be haunted. Ran is halted by her mother, who intends to have her child be happy, but Ran apologizes for not accepting her mother’s notion but her path is to protect and takes Reiko to the battlefield.

Juken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 9 English Subbed – The Kena-Kena Woman

While he was fighting Gai, Gai told a young Eiji that he was part Ashu and his mother was one of them. While it all occurs, Ken learns from Carl’s father, a North Korean diplomat, that the boy’s hatred for Christmas stems losing his mother in a car accident, with Ken reasoning with Carl with his similar path before Shuen arrives.

Add to watch list. The two Kensei berate Sharkie, because they feel that he was not up to the task of teaching a student due to his ideals of a strong body being foolish, before Xia Fu arrived and suggested that they all go back to the group’s campsite to try to continue the training. Notify me of new comments via email. This relates to all groups. The gang at SRCTC worry for Jyan’s sake and mental wellbeing, but Jyan’s hestitation and nervous breakdown irrates Gou, who is outraged that Rio didn’t see him as his destined rival.

This leads the team to the new Chouda born from his parent’s final Ringi and thus immune to the all attacks but Geki Chopper’s.

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