It will probably take me a while to get more tracks out given how long I procrastinated on this, but. I was just thinking that I would like to begin a new experiment. Looking at you, it doesn’t appear as if you are in any state to require the infirmary. We shall exterminate them! They’re obviously all rumors. I didn’t think that there would really be a true supernatural phenomenon among the seven mysteries.

What are you doing? What could be occurring here!? Found this via Google. Wai–Hold on a minute! He must be covered in trash right now. You’ve got a persecution complex, Sakuya This possibility is so ludicrous I don’t even want to think about it, but could it be that the first mystery is

If you change your mind, please come back at any time. Iwamine-sensei appears in the infirmary. Iwamine-sensei is more terrifying than any monster. I understand now how low the standard of living is for the students.

Hatoful Boyfriend Drama CD 1 Epilogue

This rumor is talking about Sakuya dropping Sakazaki-senpai again and again! Drama CDs are not my forte Can you help us out? Ah, that’s not draja.


Are you mocking me!? The second mystery is the student council room. There has to be some kind of trick! It’s remodeled so extravagantly! Log in with OpenID? Thread Reply to this Thread Hide 1 comment Show 1 comment. Everybirdie’s talking about them lately.

It’s not some worthless ghost story about the human mannequin moving, is it? Yes, you are indeed quite boisterous.

Wh–hey you, don’t touch things on your own! Nanaki-sensei, are you talking about the seven Pigeonation mysteries? There’s nothing like that!

Hatofjl last week the manga study club came in speaking incoherent nonsense and requesting funding, so I dropped them. I did warn him. Just what is he doing? That’s all for today.

Hatoful Boyfriend Drama CD 1 Prologue

It’s an even more wretched library in the winter! As expected of my subordinate! Something much more terrifying happens! I’m telling you that will hurt the books too. Found this via Google. Sakuya does not understand. The idea is that if you draw in one of the library books, you’ll xd cursed.


Hatoful Boyfriend Drama CD 1 Epilogue – Dailymotion Video

I didn’t think that the ghost stories would get this worthless from the very beginning. Okosan has laid eyes on one for the first time. Wai–Hold on a minute! He shall not act savagely.

Somehow it’s not very comfortable either I shall welcome it in that case. Looking like that, is he actually sick? It’s a ghost story for the doctor to appear in boytriend infirmary?! Nageki, Sakuya’s not trying to be mean. Can you forgive him? This isn’t anything like a supernatural phenomenon. Have you finished your conversation? We’re looking for something really quick.

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