For two days after the lengthy Marantz listening session, I returned to my own tube reference system and listened to the same few titles. While the Marantzes revealed no significant sonic flaws, one weakness of the SC-7S2 is its remote control. The Marantz MA-9S2 power amplifiers have served me exceedingly well and I recommend interested parties to give this product a serious listen. The speakers are angled in and cross just in front of where I sit. I was a college student struggling to meet tuition payments and the possibility of acquiring any Marantz piece was a very dim to none prospect. No matter the demands, the MA-9S2 remained very calm, cool and controlled. As mentioned above, the SC-7S2 also contains a system that allows the simultaneous control of as many as six SC-7S2s, thereby accommodating multichannel recordings or a biamp stereo configuration.

But these models did not achieve their meaty yet elegant sound at the expense of any significant sonic virtue. Maybe it’s the gold anodize finish. I was a college student struggling to meet tuition payments and the possibility of acquiring any Marantz piece was a very dim to none prospect. How do I know this? You are most likely to find out, like I did, just how enjoyable and satisfying a product this powerhouse of an amp really is. It begins with the melodious voice of Pavarotti in his prime, and ends with one of the loudest crescendos of any CD in my collection. At first the object of my desires was the Model 7C preamplifier and the Model 8B power amplifier, then the Model 9 monoblocks. The toroid power transformer benefits from a newly-developed “dual hemisphere” design with acoustical isolation augmented by silicon steel and a damped aluminum case.

These form a circuit capable of 0.

Shottky barrier diodes provide rectification for the power supply for the voltage amplification stage to eliminate subtle ripples that can negatively rwference overall clarity.

With all the ups and downs that occurred in the intervening years, it was an auspicious event when, inthe then current brain trust of Marantz saw fit to commemorate the name’s 50 year anniversary.

That’s it, which means for a slim and uncluttered remote control. Flexibility is a key element in the MA-9S2’s appeal, too. I had owned and used the MA-9S1s for referencs couple of years and enjoyed them immensely.

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Noise was lowered and a choke input power supply was implemented. Even though the S1 performed in an exemplary fashion, the S2 bettered it in just about every way. Shottky barrier diodes provide rectification for the voltage amplification stage to eliminate subtle ripples that can negatively impact overall clarity.


Their serise are machined from reeference alloy, and, yes, they both sport round meters on their front panels. Got it, continue to print. Absolutely, under the circumstances of my system and my room, that is the case. Ma-s91 was a sad day when I parted with the 7S1 and 9S1s.

The soundstage is both wide and deep, with each instrument and voice precisely placed — refsrence speakers virtually disappearing. This was indeed a momentous occasion for the Maranatz brand because the Reference Series was an emphatic testament to the legendary ideals that Saul Marantz held dear: Although they produced official re-issues of their classic valve electronics a few years ago, Marantz wanted to mark its 50th Anniversary with all-new models harking back to the company’s birth, but they couldn’t very well reissue a recent, er, reissue.

The MA-9S2 was more open, faster, cleaner, and delivered better controlled and more extended lows.

Given the importance Marantz has placed on its balanced nature, I was disappointed to see only one set of balanced inputs, a curious oversight in light of the target audience. Two ,uF capacitors are used to filter the amp power supply. SUMMING UP If Saul Marantz were around today, I think he would agree that the new Marantz Reference Series solid state duo has kept the promise of the original Models 7 and 9 with a design that leaves nothing to chance in creating an excellent stereo preamp and outstanding monoblock amplifiers that take their place, in my experience, among the very finest in analog amplification available today.

Marantz, therefore included frequency equalization for all analog disc formats lovers.

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The build quality is second to none — each component is heavy and built like the proverbial brick. AC V 60Hz Power consumption To print the manual completely, please, download it. I am, however, not going to kill the messenger here, the MA-9S2. As did the original, this contemporary masterpiece redefines the art of audio amplification. So the decision was made to apply the spirit rather than the form of the original Model 7 pre-amp and Model 9 power amps to something undeniably 21st Century.

For amps and preamps, Bryston offers an incredible year warranty, Marantz gives five years, and NuForce three. New limited warranty for reference series models 1 page. Be it a demanding treble excursion, midrange complexity, or a low frequency growl, this amplifier remained clearly in control. The dynamics were outstanding — with reserve power of up to watts at 4 ohms, this should be the case.

In addition to fully balanced differential design, the MA-9S2 uses current feedback implemented with six of the aforementioned HDAM-SA modules, which Marantz states provide for faster response and a low noise floor. The Marantz MA-9S2 power amplifiers have served me exceedingly well and I recommend interested parties to give this product a serious listen. But when the S2 was introduced, something told me that I should upgrade.



serirs The Question of a Subwoofer. For speaker wiring referemce MA9-S2 features a double set of very robust WBT connectors allowing the user to accommodate bi-wiring, if desired. The amps, as substantially built as they are, are still sensitive to the manner in which they are supported. Transients and dynamics left nothing to be desired.

The spiritual link, though, is simple: The resulting presentation was relaxed and enjoyable because the necessary minutiae were revealed to be credibly proportioned. This is because the P-9 uses a relatively low-resolution stepped digital volume control via its remote, and a high-resolution, non-stepped analog Alps pot on the faceplate.

The staying power of the Marantz brand is something that Saul Marantz did not envision when he first launched his company way back in This is not always easy to do. The brand represents the pinnacle of automotive and home audio maranttz.

Marantz Reference series MA-9S1

The first recording is from the Chesky Records Sampler. It defines new horizons in both musical performance and contemporary elegance.

By my account they do just that, and the erference at Marantz appear to be worthy stewards of the historic company name. Discrete Amplifier Stage Yes. I can remember lusting after Marantz equipment some 50 years ago.

Of note are the model designations MA-9S1 and the Referehce, two models that recalled the two original Saul Marantz legends, the Model 7 preamplifier and the Model 9 power amplifier monoblocks, revered by many even to this day.

Latest Stereo Preamplifier Reviews Nov A pair is not to be approached glibly. It is a beauty in every sense of the word, and is, in my opinion, even more stunning than any of the pictures that have appeared in brochures and other literature; it is obvious that the fit and finish clearly belongs in the as-good-as-it-gets category.

To be sure, the power rating remained the same, but the manner in which this power is provided is now much more accomplished.

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