In the short, young Nick hopes to ask schoolmate Kay for a date but can’t think of a venue. Hercules Le fatiche di Ercole. Trace Beaulieu ‘s last episode. Jim Mallon ‘s first appearance as Gypsy. Joel Hodgson and Frank Conniff guest star in the host segments. So brilliant, like Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton.

Pearl Forrester takes over as lead mad scientist. Ralph Carusillo on December 12, Thanks for the commentary on these episodes Joel. Michael Gilstrap on December 22, Jim Tinney email kickstarter mst3k. I really enjoyed watching these early episodes! In the short, Commando Cody pursues gangsters that have caused flooding through the use of an atomic bomb. She becomes embroiled in their ongoing feud, and soon afterwards people start dying from bee attacks. The completionist in me is still incredibly excited to get a chance to finally watch those episodes. I’m really pleased to hear that so many of you are enjoying the lost KTMA episodes!

The short aims at keeping bread truck drivers on the straight and narrow.

Dear MST3K Revival League,

The short presents a high losy couple rushing into marriage, and the marriage counselor who talks them out of it. This update brings me into the fold even more than the Kickstarter phenomenon did. Charles Gray on December 5, What a fun update, Joel. Christian Figorito on December 5, My favorite update so far! It Conquered the World With short: Pod People Los nuevos extraterrestres.

Guest appearance by football player Robert Smiththen of the Minnesota Vikings. Village of the Giants. Project Moonbase With shorts: Kobras, who uses an ancient mind-control mask in his attempts to rule the world.

I’ve always been interested in the backstory on shows, musicians, movies and artists that I like.

“Missing” MST3K Episodes

These and your comments have been such a great gift for the holidays! Robot performed by Josh Weinstein now J. The children of rocket technicians come into contact with a mind-controlling blob.


Brain-eating aliens abduct two boys from Japan. A plastic surgeon played by Neil Connerybrother of Seanthe brother of a secret agentcombats villain Thair Beta.

Pam B Natural Superbacker. I just got my tshirts and poscard rewards today, but that was it. An attempt is made to recover the crew of a spaceship that has crash-landed on an unknown planet. The warrior Ator fights to rescue his lover from a spider-worshipping cult. A beach community is plagued by sea monsters created jtma radioactive waste dumped off the coast. The Day Time Ended. A squad episoves three giant mecha fight off giant sea creatures that are attacking the United States east coast.

Continuation of Master Ninja I. In the short, Commando Cody pursues gangsters that have caused flooding through the mst3kk of an atomic bomb. Chapter I”, “Crash of Moons: Maciste battles a tribe of savages who have abducted a king. Mark Hamill guest stars.

“Missing” MST3K Episodes

The theme song emerged into the body of the show on this episode. Thank you SO much for sharing these and your memories.

The larger images in the cable version brought them up front and center which was great – cause that’s where the jokes were coming from and that was at least half the reason for watching the show.

I just want to say that my favorite part of MST3K is when Joel stands up and his shadow interacts with the movie that is playing on-screen. A ventriloquist turns to hypnosis to transfer a person’s soul into his dummy. Retrieved November 12, The short chronicles the downfall of a high school student caught copying his test answers from another student.


The movie was Green Slimebut actually, we never ktja riffed much of it, and then we never riffed the full-length movie later because we lost the rights to use it. Bride of the Monster With short: Two pilots set out to find a woman lost in remote Africa to gain a reward.

I picked Trace because he might be the funniest improviser I ever met. They find her being worshiped by a native tribe. If we were going to use the vacuum flowers, why wouldn’t we have put them into the next episode we made, and come up with new stuff for Episode 1?

A clumsy California woman looks for her father in the lost underground civilization of Atlantis. Guest appearance by Leonard Maltin.

Lynn Knott on December 5, I love this show.

List of Mystery Science Theater episodes – Wikipedia

What about Juvenile Delinquency? An astronaut is exposed to radiation and turns into a mindless, violent, melting monster. Aquatic Wizards and Catching Trouble. This episode features the second of the two installments shown from the part Undersea Kingdom serial.

Prune attempts to stop Santa Claus from delivering presents by threatening to evict him from the North Polebut Santa gains help of a caring lawyer to help circumvent Mr. War of eipsodes Colossal Beast With short: Nathan Mort on December 24, Hello All! A serial killer stalks teenagers in a small town. The Beatniks With short:

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