The film follows her often-comic exploits through Rome and her squalid neighbourhood outside the eternal city. Dino De Laurentis Dir: Finally, Dino de Laurentiis agreed to put up the money. She tries to play it off as an accident, a lover’s tiff, but her friends know better. Film critic Roger Ebert reviewed mainly the plot and Fellini’s background: Amarcord — Federico Fellini There is not a moment out of place in the film. Cabiria goes to a magic show, and the magician Aldo Silvani drags her up on stage and hypnotizes her.

Fellini’s masterpiece, which won the Foreign-Language Oscar, features Giulietta Masina Fellini’s wife in her most heart-breaking performances, playing a naive prostitute who endures an endless series of devastating misfortunes with her soul intact. Why were people walking barefoot in the religious procession? She called the film “a cinematic masterpiece”, and added that the final shot of Cabiria is worth more than “all the fire-breathing blockbusters Hollywood has to offer. Then, understanding everything in one horrible moment—that Oscar intended to kill her and take her money—Cabiria breaks. Even when she thinks her struggles are over and she has found happiness and contentment, things may not be what they seem. Don’t have an account?

As the audience laughs, she acts out her desires to be married and live a happy life.

The difference between the glamorous girlfriend, in a mink coatand the short and scruffy Cabiria are stark. Like sophomoric youngsters, they ridicule each other without mercy. You met him a month ago. Yes No Report this. Masina’s face reveals all that is going on within Cabiria. She walks along with them and sheds a single tear that is black with mascara.


With a characteristic Felliniesque romantic score by Nino Rota to accompany Cabiria as she gets embroiled in awkward situations, we watch her tirelessly fighting her circumstances. They encircle her—clapping, singing, and creating a parade for her—celebrating Cabiria for no specific reason at all: The Wages of Fear Fellini does not convert her strife into a political manifesto.

Oscar, meanwhile, only appears more romantically transfixed.

Nights of Cabiria (Le Notti di Cabiria) () – Rotten Tomatoes

Why pick on me of all people? Then, understanding everything in one horrible moment—that Oscar summaey to kill her and take her money—Cabiria breaks.

Pelle the Conqueror — Bille August Nights of Cabiria Le Notti di Cabiria The others sleep under the arches in Caracalla. Together with all her other creations in other Fellini’s films, this is perhaps her own triumph as an actress.

Nights of Cabiria (Le Notti di Cabiria)

Burnt by the Sun — Nikita Mikhalkov Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Will he turn out to be her knight in shining armor?

Do the Oscars Need a Host? Views Read Edit View history. After they are married, she offers to give Oscarlire in cash, but he declines. Pllt Epoque — Fernando Trueba If only her friends could see her then! Aldo Tonti Prod Des: Film critic Roger Ebert reviewed mainly the plot and Fellini’s background: Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast.

Nobody would believe it!

The magician calls her on stage and tells her that he will hypnotise her. During the Great Depression, a con man finds himself saddled with a young girl who may or may not be his daughter, and the two forge an unlikely partnership.


As they begin to date, Cabiria becomes puzzled that Oscar plog not want anything in return. The scene involving the good samaritan provides a framework to show people living in city caves and under bridges, but even more touching is the scene where Cabiria turns over the keys of her house to the large and desperately poor family that has purchased it.

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Impatient, and unable to conceal her rage, she complains: Dino De Laurentis Dir: Alberto is about the only one in the movie that treats Cabiria with any semblance of warmth.

Despite her desolation, her utter anguish from just hours before when she was begging to die from the unbearable pain—she slowly smiles through the tears…and the film ends.

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What follows is a series of similarly humiliating episodes, in which the defiantly positive prostitute Cabiria is hurt, but never broken. Cabiria remains an outsider, even within her own kind. In the last scenes of the film Cabiria is seen walking alone on a road crying. Cabiria soon finds herself being served lobster and caviar in bed by a butler and is beside herself.

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