When a hunter called Danaus comes into her territory seeking her she’s quick to seek him out for a confrontation. I have a few more I need to read this month before getting to this one. Oh, I so freaking hate that when authors do that. What the heck is a First Blood?! The Keeper is the ultimate power in the region; maintaining the peace and protecting the nightwalker secret from human discovery. I know what I like, and I know what I hate. In fact, you won’t get any actual romance until book five of the series. Together, they venture to the Old World, seeking ancient vampires to help with their cause.

And it looks like naturi, which are something like an evil version of the fae, are trying to make a comeback. With such heavyweights as Ann Rice, Laurell K. Nov 25, Ailsa rated it it was amazing. This was a really interesting book, I enjoyed it for many reasons, most of which it doesn’t read like all the other Urban Fantasy out there. In his mind, vampires are evil. But the author made her just a vulnerable as everyone else. You’ll see enemies becomes friends, and friends become enemies.

Mira is very likable and immediately from the beginning I was wrapped up in this book. I suspect maybe he’s Lazerus. They keep protecting each other because they both want the honor to kill the other, all the while being affectionate to a certain point with the other. This very powerful Nightwalker Mira battles an army of Naturi, a group with two main goals sacrifice humans and destroy Nightwalkers alike.


As the story progressed, I realized Mira is incredibly nigytwalker. Girls, Guns and G An intricate work that’s stunningly complex and compelling. Get to Know Us. She decides to let Danaus kill however many nightwalkers in her territory without doing a single thing about it until she finally follows him, but she still doesn’t kill him because, what, she’s bored?

I do have a few pet peeves though.

All in all, it was just okay. Nightwalker is the latter sort of love. She flips easily between callous and caring, but she does so for reasons that make sense to me, which I like. I apologize for the rant.

It would be impossible to live that many years, loose that many friends, and retain your humanity. The book is the start of a series and I really hope that on her sophomore effort Drake opens up her world and gives us something new and surprising adding to the genre, not just recirculating it. The Naturi are the protectors of the earth and all the animal life that prowls the jungles, soars in the sky, and swims in the waters.

The cover doesn’t do the book justice! Why on Earth did you give it three stars? ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. It felt like we just went from I would actually give this 2.


Print edition must be purchased new and sold by Amazon. I also really enjoyed Mira’s character. Set up a giveaway. May 03, Summer rated nightwaoker it was ok Shelves: She can dish out a butt-kicking and take one in return. Nightwalker is the latter sort of love.

Dark Days Series by Jocelynn Drake

The book opens with Mira fighting Danaus. The answers, however, are far from what she wanted.

But like most of the o This book was given to me while I was bored at work, looking for something to read while I sat on the phone all day. Underlings “mewl” her name, shadows “[slide] their arms” around her body, threats are no serids than “bait.

Dark Days Series

The sexual tension between these two is off the charts. Sarah thinks I would like the M. She’s one of the most human supernatural creatures I’ve read about niightwalker a long time. Hamilton, Kim Harrison and Charlene Harris each ‘staking’ their space in the genre it’s difficult to imagine a lot of room for another author to get a significant piece of the Vampire pie.

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