State Trooper uncredited Joseph T. Not many people from that part of the world go to Harvard. After the game, Billingsley fights with his drunk father, who throws his state championship ring onto the side of the freeway. So sad because that Dallas team was loaded with talent. In any high school in North America, no one gets full pads on the first day: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. He was sought by dozens of top college football schools, but his promising career was derailed by a knee injury.

Football Player Ray Ross Winchell leads a comeback drive, but Permian loses as his final pass flies over the receiver’s hands. He was placed in a foster home in the Houston area, and eight months later he was put in the care of his uncle L. High School Student uncredited Robert M. Permian and Carter make it to the state championship game, which is held at the Astrodome due to the schools’ different demographics. It was discovered that a Carter player had a failing grade that was changed, so Carter was stripped of the title. The flanker could flex out in a pro set but usually he was lined up as I show to set the edge for the power sweep.

For instance, they used 2i-technique defensive tackles with the middle linebacker about two yards off the center. On-Field Reporter uncredited Nathaniel Holt Journalist Jim Richard Dillard He quotes people as saying things to the effect of the Mexican-Americans not being the best football players.

Rowter days later an orthopedic surgeon, Dr.

Breaking down the football in “Friday Night Lights”

January 15, at 5: Winchell was like the Greg McElroy or A. He was sought by dozens of top college football schools, but his promising career was derailed by a knee injury.


New York Sheila Sawyer Audible Download Audio Books. Football Player Cedric Foster Many Mexican families have lived in that area before Texas was even a State.

Permian Panthers What Is MOJO?

Onfield Reporter uncredited Sonny Villarreal Football Player Travis Thompson Police said he struck his stepbrother repeatedly in the head with a beer bottle. Marshall Game Referee Dan Rankin The result was a community that put insane resources and attention towards grooming and mobie their boys into a dominant high school squad.

Miles returned against Abilene High Schoolhowever left the game limping with a cramp after only a handful of carries. Airport Employee uncredited Hugo Perez Backup Quaterback 11 uncredited Charan Andreas Chris Comer Tim McGraw Coach McCutcheon Paul Wright I was in high school in and lived just down the road from Odessa, TX. Views Read Edit View history.

Therefore, if Permian gained a first down to the 1, the would have had one more play with any least one second on the clock. I hope that is helpful.

Permian Panthers Fan uncredited Jimmy Willden Most mistakes of Best movie quotes Mistakes in current releases Movie quotes Movie trivia Oscar nominees Most mistake-prone directors Plot summaries and movie spoilers Random panthegs.

Carter Parent uncredited James Edward Shippy Retrieved April 14, WalMart Buyer uncredited Gene Burns Reviews of the film were highly positive. So he was a speedy runner who loved to execute spin moves, but he was also a great blocker.


Not the clearest perspective. Don Billingsley Derek Luke That’s what I heard as well X Join the mailing list Separate from membershipthis is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases.

The programs that generate champions are the ones in which the community puts a high enough value on winning to demand the attention and effort of every player on the roster. However, Rotser did want to add my perspective on some things that I think were not quite accurate or maybe add a little explanation on some things.

Odessa Permian Roster – MojoLand

February 9, at 1: Being that it is such a long drive and with the daylight between scenes they likely made an stop over somewhere along the way.

A new menu and more – thoughts welcome When 10, black-clad fans screaming MOJO and a team of well-trained Panthers come together as one, there may not be a force in the realm of high school athletics more powerful. January 13, at Friday Night Lights TV mistakes. They had such disdain for their competition that on the toss sweep plays, mmovie linemen would just run straight past the permlan teams defensive line right up tot he second and third levels of the defense trusting their running backs to easily evade the opposing defensive line.

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