And yet, with this cast, nothing sticks out. There’s no jubilation, not only because the villagers are about to become refugees in India but because Umber was desperately hoping for a son. Sometimes, however, dress-up isn’t quite so innocent. But why would Kumber go to well and not the hut thing where he locked up Neeli. It is also a first-of-its-kind Indian cinema, what with a Tanzania-born director and an almost all-foreign crew. When the films crucial turning point comes, it is in the vicinity of a house and the house is always in the backdrop. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive.

None more so than the ever fabulous Irrfan Khan who inhabits the persona of a Sikh, a father, a husband, a soul with incredibly lyrical sagacity. The Ajay Devgn and Madhuri Dixit starrer comedy entertainer collects big on its second day. Anu Warrier February 25, Rescued ice-coated animal turns out to be a wolf. And it only gets worse as he grows older ultimately played by Tillotama Shome with hormones and romantic inclinations increasing alongside his supposedly unnatural sexuality. Shome looks like an adolescent, which, too, is a kind of limbo — between childhood and adulthood. However, later in the film, when she plays a Kanwar trying to figure out whether masculinity or femininity comes naturally to her, Shome is superb.

After some time, Kanwar decides to go and bring her mother to their new home. Neeli and Kanwar profess their affection to each other, accepting a sisterly love towards each other, but hiding Kanwar’s gender from all others. Toronto Star15 September Vandha Rajavathaan Varuven movie review: During the birth of their fourth child, Umber takes the child from the womb and wxplained with happiness that it is a ecplained.


Your experiences in life will decide your views towards the film and vice-versa.

That it is open to many interpretations does not take away anything from its cinematic brilliance. The film packs these deep questions into a rather simple story.

Qissa review: This ghost is very lonely and he’s coming to get you

Di February 28, Reality does sometimes stare Umber in the face. Dive into the history of film.

The unsatisfied spirit of Umber continues to haunt Kanwar all the way back home. The intensely personalised story is mostly explakned the character-to-character variation of the same narrative.

It feels a little weird calling Qissa endinh cinema because the film is against any sort of reductionist classification. With two daughters already born, the hope is that his pregnant wife Mehar Tisca Chopra will bear him a boy on the eve of their diaspora.

Retrieved 19 October Deepika Padukone shares an adorable picture with Sanjay Leela Bhansali on his birthday. He tells his wife that he is confident the next child will be a boy, but Mehar is unsure and fearful that if she has another girl, Umber will leave her. In one instance, they fool around near the woods, where Kanwar tries to lock Neeli in a shed.

Arsaib Arsaib4 March 14, The title was misleading. Soon, after the wedding ceremony, Neeli comes to know that Kanwar does not have a penis, though she doesn’t know that he is actually a girl.

The idea of who we are manifests itself through a physical transformation simultaneously explaine and understandable. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Submit Please enter a valid email address. Women and children were the most gullible victims of the Indo-Pak division, but they suffered explaained beyond it.


None more so than the ever fabulous Irrfan Khan who inhabits the persona of a Sikh, a father, a husband, a soul with incredibly lyrical sagacity.

Movie review ‘Qissa: The Tale of a Lonely Ghost’- The whispers of a haunted soul

Just like the mirror, I found the house to be a motif. That was an excellent comment. Watching him, you feel the kind of morbid fascination when you run into the scene of a really gruesome accident. Blog Stats 14, hits. GST on real estate reduced: Umber Singh Irrfan Khan opts for an easier solution.

This unconventional and heart-breaking folk tale captures human emotions unlike any other recent Indian film. But why would Kumber go to well and not the hut thing where he endkng up Neeli. And the actress nails every complex conflicted emotion, embracing the traits of both the masculine and the feminine, and emerges as the performer to beat for Best Actress this year.

I loved the cast and the sets…teleported back to the post colonial era. Once Kanwar becomes a fully functioning “man” Tillotama Shomeafter having her turban ceremony, she starts to converse with a girl named Neeli Rasika Dugalwho is the daughter of one of Umber’s close friends.

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