When Adarsh tries to leave, Daarji stops him and takes him and Anukalp to a room. In , Vaishali Mhade, Anukalp agrees to get married as per Bharti’s choice. Babuji insists on eating only pure vegetarian food cooked in a separate kitchen. Amrit shares an emotional moment with Sweetie. Babuji announces Mona and Anukalp as the winners of the ‘Navratri’ competition. She mentions that Mona has to be coerced into meeting him.

Mona then informs Anukalp that she is on a date with Goldie. In the same year, through a friend she got a role in Disney Channel’s Ishaan: Member feedback about Nishant Singh Malkani: Satnaam is worried about Mona’s marriage. Amrit gets upset when Satnaam tells her that the grooms uncle wants sweets packed in silver boxes. Goldie lies to Mona that Anukalp was worried about reaching office. Anukalp gets angry and tells her that he is not interested in helping her.

Member feedback about Sanjog Se Bani Sangini: Shakti Mohan episodfs Shakti Mohan is an Indian dancer. Kalpesh tries to tell Bharti that she should not dislike Mona.

Hum Lallan Bol Rahe Hain. Bharti, however, justifies saying she is simply being protective.

Sweetie asks about Parmeet’s reactions to the incident. Member feedback about Shakti Mohan: Mona goes to meet Adarsh oblivious of Anukalps presence.


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Sweetie is shocked to hear that Mona has called Adarsh to meet her. Babuji refuses to take the homeopathic medicines offered by Daarji. Vartika, Hetal and Sejal persuade Bharti to wear her wedding dress for the Dandiya dance but Bharti refuses.

Goldie regrets his behaviour. She portrayed the role of Shanti Devi, on the Star Plus daily show Mere Angne Mein, which became one of the most successful and long-running shows. Vimmi apologizes to Bharti for her behaviour. Goldie tactfully explains to his uncle how they are being blamed for making unreasonable demands. Member feedback about Meher Vij: Goldie meets Mona and offers her a lift. Reshammiya’s music has a style of composition based on a fusion of Western and Indian classical music, Western and Indian Rock music accompanied by techno beats.

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Anukalp replies that it is not a big deal as he is only following his mother’s orders. When she sees Karan, she runs away. Sara Khan is an Indian model and actress.

Amrit tells Mona that she should not feel bad and maintain some distance from Anukalp. When Adarsh tries to leave, Daarji stops him and takes him and Anukalp to a room. Vimmi englosh angry at her for discriminating between their children. On Daarji’s request, Satnaam asks Mona if she accepts the proposal. Bharti is elated but Kalpesh is shocked. Kalpesh tries to explain that Anukalp is an adult now and shouldn’t be forced to make such decisions.


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At the haldi application of turmeric paste ceremony, Kalavati applies the paste on Sweetie and demands money and sari in return. Goldie tells Mona that he knows she was with Anukalp and he does not approve of it. Anukalp finds Monas demand unreasonable. When Gurnaam tells Satnaam that Mona should be ready for the wedding, Satnaam asks witu to stay out of his daughter’s matter.

Gurnaam watches the ceremony from afar. Amrit tries to calm her fears.

When Anukalp and Adarsh get down the ladder, Daarji spots them. Her first song as a choreographer in Bollywood is Nainowale Ne in the movie Padmaavat. Sweetie feels helpless and asks Mona for advice. Member feedback about Indraneel Subtutles

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