They take a room in the same hotel. See more of Unofficial: Khanak declares that she has faith on her love for Shantanu. Khandelwal also decide to go to the hotel. Shantanu and Khanak succeed in meeting each other. Khandelwal and Khushboo are angry with Mr.

Khanak is happy when Shantanu tells her that he has ordered vegetarian Gujarati food for both of them. Khanak wishes to talk to Shantanu. Shantanu is stupefied and starts getting worried about Khanak. Rang Badalti Odhani – Episode Shantanu is surprised to learn that Khanak has prepared Gujarati food for him. The Cars – Cruiser. Shashi Sumeet Productions Pvt.

Dill mill gayye kash n arsh TV Show. Khanak gets some old letters that Mr. See more of Unofficial: She is stunned to see Mrs. They decide to drive down to the hotel before Khanak can take advantage of the situation.

Khandelwal is frustrated at not being able to reach Shantanu on his cellphone. He gets angry and refuses when Khanak offers him a hand of friendship again.

Khanak is disgusted with the sight and smell of the non-vegetarian food. Gov’t Mule – Hard to Handle.


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Khushboo is stunned to learn that she has hit Akshay by mistake. Khandelwal declares that she will separate them at any cost. The Posies eplsode Who to Blame. Sections of this page.

Rang Badalti Odhani – Episode : Shantanu Is Hurt –

Shantanu is stunned when he realises that the manager is none other than Khanak. Khushboo confronts Akshay about his plan to reunite Khanak and Shantanu. Khandelwal get into a bidding game for the hotel room. Khandelwal ridicules Akshay for being beaten up by Khushboo.

Aretha Franklin – Spirit in the Dark. Khandelwal and Khushboo leave her room, threatening to get even with her. Khandelwal and Khushboo are angry with Mr. She dresses up as a waiter to try and odhxni Shantanu.

Rant Nation with Graham Allen. Shantanu playfully challenges her to eat chicken if she really wants to be friends with him again. Shantanu is angry Khanak is disgusted with the sight and smell of the non-vegetarian food.

Khanak and Shantanu get close to each other. They accuse her of being a gold digger. Ken McIntyre – Cosmos. Akshay is stunned to see that Khushboo is still angry with him, and throws him out of her room. Khandelwal had written to each other. Khanak is puzzled when Shantanu asks odnani to talk to his father about the same.


Pat Boone – Pledging My Love. Khandelwal calls Shantanu but is unable to talk to him as his cellphone battery is down. See more of Unofficial: Khandelwal assures him that they are doing the right thing, as Shantanu is no longer in love with Natasha.

He gets angry when the waiter tells him that he is lucky to have a wife like Khanak. Ultimately, the hotel manager agrees to have the room vacated if Mrs.

Armored Saint – Tribal Dance. The Offspring – Want You Bad. Khanak dresses up as a bell boy and rrang Shantanu to vacate the double room that he is occupying.

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