Fear The Walking Dead Season 2. I know, but the general term for the zombies by the main group, Rick and Co, in the comics is “roamers”. Episode – Coda. Mark posts that contain spoilers by including [Spoilers] for the show and [Comic Spoilers] for the comic within the title of the post. Episode – Los Muertos. So that will be what I end with The 3 questions and their assignment for next week will be:.

Zombie Chatter General talk about the wonderful world of zombies and the life of the undead. Episode – When the Dead Come Knocking. I think Molly also calls them “geeks” in the Telltale Games. It is possible that walkers only retain a few fragments of emotional type things like the place where you died, or what you were doing when you died. It is only a 30 minute class, and I only have a dozen participants thus far, more will be sure to follow. We simply ask that you keep those discussion of piracy elsewhere, and not on this particular subreddit. Episode – Who Are You Now?

If I recall correctly, roamers just walk around aimlessly, while lurkers tend to stay in one place, but will pounce on someone if they get close. All content that is unrelated roaners The Walking Dead will be removed this includes generic image macros and reaction images.

Season 5 Photos NakedCityFeb 22, at Episode – Nebraska. The Walking Dead Season 5.

What’s your favourite zombie game? Episode – People Like Us. To easily join IRC use the Snoonet web chat. See if it can lrkers tracked all the way back to Season 1. Zombie Movies Who doesn’t love the great zombie flicks out there, let’s hear your thoughts. Zombie Survival Discuss surviving the apocalypse, scenarios or what you would do to live.


Errr, did you read the comics? Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Want to add to the discussion? Sports Discuss the wonderful world of sports and the sporting events we love. Auction Ends December 5th! Some just wander and meander, some find something “comfortable” or otherwise “known” to them.

All these examples are from season 1. Kirkman purposefully does that. Episode – Heads Up. They said she died in that bed right in the house they were in. Use lurkere reliable image host like imgur spoilerrs link directly to the image. I remember a zombie hopped a fence in season one. Episode – Too Far Gone. Inmates are expected to behave and contribute quality in classes like this because they are considered extra-curricular.

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I’ve read them all, tough guy. This is awesome and makes me happy that inmates get a chance to have something like the walking dead in their lives. Just because something is zombie-related doesn’t automatically make it TWD-related. May 10, at 5: However, there still is the walker-child that had the teddy bear in the first episode, and the walker with the brick outside the department store. The Walking Dead Season 2.


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Pretty broad but kinda interesting. Episode – La Serpiente. Log in or sign up in seconds. Episode – Good Out Here.

Maybe work in some discussion points related to the choices of the “good” prisoners, Axel and Oscar, versus the “bad” prisoners, Tomas and Andrew. NakedCityDec 30, Episode – Judge, Jury, Executioner. Episode – The Other Side. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Site Announcements Information about what’s going on here. PantaloonsApr 6, Any post relating to future spoilers in the show need to be posted as a comment in the official “Future Spoilers” discussion post linked at the top of the page. Episode – If it it used, it’s definitely not a common term.

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