Competitive, strong, funny, and not afraid to spoil her image. The chase portion was exciting and fun, you really didnt know who was going to win until the very last moment. Lee Sung Kyung Cameo. I really want that cutie on your icon to guest star on RM one last time before he leaves for the army: Oh darling so much fun time for me. I just thought it was a rather sloppy gif that’s all.. Since my family is relatively new to Running Man, we’ve been catching up on some of the older episodes.

Been a while since i thoroughly enjoyed a running man episode. It’s just proper internet etiquette to source back, I try not to use them if I can’t give proper credit. Thanks for the recap, gummimochi! Only more to go! Lee Kwang Soo Main Cast. So much anticipation so I guess my disappointment was greater. Did anyone else think that Jung Woo Sung was gradually getting more and more sweaty through the episode?

But Jae-suk has noticed some cameras on the roof via the monitors, and he heads up to turn them off.

Running man ep 167 eng sub full episode english sub

They gave enough time for the runmqnclub chase – nametag tearing at its best. And I’ve never been Jung Woo Sung fans before but um, him being sweaty and all is so sexy I can’t take my eyes off him the whole episode. Hehe 7 Ji Suk Jin survive the mini game! I loved that the bells made an appearance.


He is really great and am loving him more LOL. Yoo Jae Suk Main Cast. Kim Ji Hoon Cameo. Jung Gyu Woon Cameo.

Woo-Sung was SO into the game that he made it exciting and fun to watch. Loved Hyo Joo too.

Running Man Zoo: Korean Entertainment & Pop Culture News – Running Man Ep

I can’t imagine my life without it. If that includes a sweaty, shirt-shedding man roaming the halls, then so be it. Competitive, strong, funny, and not afraid to spoil her image. I have been following it for 3 mqn now O. In the elevator, he says: Junho on the other hand was a little too quiet for variety. Unfortunately I couldn’t find another proper Jung Woo Sung gif for this episode.

Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Thank you Gummi for the recap! The cast is off to a good start when they discover two cameras right away.

Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! They get tips from the eliminated peanut gallery and both Suk-jin and Jong-kook finish right after each other. Now only the lone camera on the 21st floor remains…. I love this episode! Eliminate the cast in the order determined by the voted-off members.

But nothing is a sure thing in varietyland. Episodes by odilettante. Ji Suk Jin Main Cast. But yay to Han Hyo Joo.

Was this a variety show or an action movie?! Ah is it yours? So excited for Ep. Looking forward for episode !!!


Haha x Hyo Joo’s rivalry crack me up, hopefully there will be more next episode. Why can runmsnclub make a game where everyone get screentime so the main cast can interact and having good chat and framing? The chase portion was exciting and fun, you really didnt know who was going to win until the very last moment.

Jae-suk tries to keep Woo-sung talking as Hyo-joo gets into position.

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Such a good runnijg. And how happy was I to see Jong Kook finally win an episode. I thought he was just going to wear the jacket with nothing but alas he had a shirt underneath. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you episoce subtitles for this channel. Indeed, he is recovering well judging from how well he ran. Thanks for the recap Elsewhere, the cast is a bundle of nerves, unaware that Gary is the next target.

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