On the third day, Tokky and Mutsumi win their respective competitions, despite the former has leg injury. Shino surprised her from the start by asking private questions and keep mispronouncing phrase. But when she sees Takatoshi dating a girl who resembles her, she wakes up from her dream and declines the offer. Clip submissions must contain the name of the show in the title and be flaired with a [Clip] tag. Did your favorite make the cut? I was very surprised that they missed a chance to make a really easy cock joke. The Ending Was Suprising o. Jokes about “how much”.

The student council organizes a cold endurance contest for Ousai students instead by having them stay in the swimming pool covered with ice. The day of the pool opening, the student council acts as lifeguards. When the maid is holding the chastity belt’s key The scene with Shino being scared was totally a K-On! This is a sweet and romantic tale that works well even for audiences new to yuri. D Cannot get enough of the ending theme. I like how they compare with each other when the maid is sucking the ice candy,I was like thinking

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Hata tries to come up with epiisode slogans for the council members and captions about Takatoshi and Shino’s relationship. Mutsumi, Suzu and Shino win their respective races. And who could forget Suzu who is barely seen discussoon for a sign pointing to her location? One of the best eps yet.


Kaoru Aoki Tomoyasu Fujise. Mirror it to Imgur. Aria finally takes in the cat and its family. Mori-san, the vice-president of the student council of Eiryou High School, is introduced into anime. It turns out to be a frog with long discussioj. Shino, Aria and Suzu comes to Tsuda’s house to give Kotomi congratulatory presents for enrolling, which happens to be books, books and more books.

Shino tries out the different clubs and finds she is good at everything.

Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode 11 Discussion 1 2 3 4 stevewiess01 – Sep 11, Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. Kotomi tries to tease Suzu about she walks with Takatoshi to school, though surprisingly, her tease is discission on.

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You can contribute information to this page, dischssion first you must login or register. The council members talk about food and the summer weather. Kentarou Tone as English-speaking Foreigner ep 3 Sensei ep 8. The starter pistol broke, so they resort to spanking sound instead. I’m with you on this.

Jokes were pretty win this week, the only one I saw coming no pun intended was the one with Aria’s parents and the tree. There is a limit of 4 clips per user per week.

The judo girls practice for a marathon by running through the town, but Toki gets lost. The council conducts club inspections. Chiaki Omigawa as Mutsumi Mitsuba.

Seitokai yakuindomo

Various jokes about judo club members. Takatoshi compliments Hagimura’s Suzu bell which gets her flustered. As long as you remember discussionn, you are not alone. In Unadapted Manga Episode, Kotomi using heat as an excuse to not study, Aria and Dejima having a “naked bonding”, Takatoshi accidentally injures his right hand.


But I guess that is just wishful thinking. The council plans events for sports day. Full Cast and Crew. When Shino mentions that saving money by going to local farmers’ markets is something a good woman should do, Aria invites the council and Kotomi to her epieode mountain retreat where they pick wild mushrooms and other edible plants. Probably only one, the mighty Sachi. Winter arrives, the council shovels snow at school. Shino is recruited to become a Japanese idol by R Princess. The council recaps highlights from the series with a bit of revisionist history.

Lists of anime episodes. Yokoshima-sensei asks the student council on how to be respected by uttering words of wisdom. Hata asks the student council help to take pictures of judo club members. Joke about telling to go out.

Aria and Suzu visit the next day and help clean. I wonder if there will be any development on their relationship before this ends.

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