Contents may not be reprinted without written permission. The Cooper Union will be hosting the Rest Is Silence, a peace concert put together by Ensemble Pi, an organization that focuses on the works of living composers. Saturday, February 23 Poetic Address: However, the octopus with cured beef and a dadel salaai date salad was excellent, the large pieces of octopus tender enough to cut with a fork. After a botched attack on the local power plant, Jerry becomes a walking magnet a laugh-out-loud hysterical scene and unknowingly erases all the videos in the store. Lovett Helena Bonham Carter sells meat pies crawling with cockroaches. Settle in for a whitefish salad sandwich on a bialy, a triple-decker sandwich of roast beef, chicken fat, chicken liver, turkey, cole slaw, and Russian dressing, or lox, eggs, and onions made with Nova Scotia salmon.

If you would like to see something covered in a future issue, please let us know. Song goes everywhere with her video camera, recording whatever she sees. Saturday, February 23 Poetic Address: Sunday, March 16 Celebrating Spring: Made up of more than , buildings, including an astonishing 25, designed to match their skyscraper originals, this 1: Houston, , It is so big that it can barely be contained in this large room; look down at certain points and the glass floor will reveal Van Cortlandt Park beneath you, or maybe the outskirts of Jersey. Saturday, February 23 Performance:

However, the octopus with cured beef and a dadel salaai date salad was excellent, the large pieces of octopus tender enough to cut with a fork.

TWI-NY, This Week In New York

The bleak stage is devoid of color, and the white wall along the back, upon which videos are projected, effectively fences the characters in. Day-Lewis, in remarkable voice, absolutely embodies Daniel Plainview, a determined, desperate man digging for black gold in turn-of-the-century California. This Upper West Side staple is celebrating its centennial this year, and the main shop still feels like a blast from the past. In “Fly with You,” a man in a field twirls objects over his head, including a suitcase, mannequin parts, a chair, and, ultimately, a live bird, which will drive PETA crazy.

Their spread depicting the ghouls surrounding the hospital is a gem, as is a grizzly dream Cal has of Sabrina, although the main villain is a bit too cheesy.

Well, in this case, both sides are right, because the sky is indeed falling, as evidenced by the continuing destruction of the polar ice cap.


The talky drama revolves around the hopeless Paul Romain Durisa wholly unlikable character suffering from an extremely annoying case of depression over the end of his relationship reclsiming Anna Joana Preiss.

To subscribe to this list, which includes e-mail-only bonuses twice a month, please e-mail the administrator at admin twi-ny. Sunday, March 2 Meet the Artist: Closed Monday Combination Ticket: Israel flies nonstop into the JCC 5.

Twi-ny, This Week in New York

Dunn, a self-described environmentalist, follows local activism through the years, from the early s, when Austinites staged an overnight vigil, demanding that the city council deny permits to developers, to the election of Governor George W.

Vandana Jain takes the iconic John Deere logo and shottsa it into a fanciful walkway flanked by two silhouetted bright green deer that feel right at home in the park. King Blues Club West 42nd St. James Park ,” Ken Shottas removes the victim of a lynching from an iconic photograph, calling into question why a group of white southerners have gathered together around a tree.

Mary Ellen Carroll uses newspaper clippings to shine attention on the cruelty of specific executions, including one in which the executioner had trouble finding “a suitable vein. Thursday, February 28 Triple X Selects: The film is all about place and character, not narrative; in fact, much of the dialogue is improvised.

Harel Stanton Photography, free, 12 noon. Monday, March 3 Twentieth anniversary show featuring watercolors, fine prints, posters, drawings, and photography from old master to contemporary. It takes us back to those Sunday mornings when our father took us out to load up on Jewish food; and it was always that much more special when he splurged on a quarter-pound or more of sturgeon.

Newspaper onlime tell such stories as the complaints from Harrison, which was not included on the map.

All is not as it seems reclaiminb the small town of Bradenville, Arizona. There is no real plot but merely daily life, sort of Truffaut meets Ozu as Song makes pancakes, Suzanne gets involved in a rent dispute, and Simon practices the piano. Sunday, March 16 Celebrating Spring: Saturday, March 22 Queens Artists Connection, with live performances, raffle, slide slam, portfolio reviews, and more, 2: The frisee salad, accompanied by pickled baby eggplant, mint, thd duqqa, was fine but not exceptional.


Shttas McDonald, shohtas former cop with personal problems up the ying-yang, gets the crap kicked out of him by the well-connected politician who was married to the late, lamented Detective Lieutenant Brueger, ghouls from all over gather around the hospital to pay their respects. Harel Stanton, Pure Faith: The second annual New York Frigid Festival comprises thirty shows in three downtown venues, with each production having five or six performances over the course of twelve days.

Laura wants to take in some developmentally disabled orphans, but it seems that she and her family are not necessarily alone in the big house.

Ceramics, capital punishment, and painting for purists in Midtown. Saturday, March 1 Curator Talk: Monday, February 25 Frigid Snapshot Show, with five-minute performances from a dozen participating productions, USM, suggested donation, 7: When Llewelyn Moss an outstanding Josh Brolin accidentally stumbles upon the site of a drug deal gone terribly wrong, he walks away with a satchel recliming cash and the dream of making a better life for him and his wife Kelly MacDonald.

Friday – Sundays at From the acting and the script to the music and the locations to even the editing and the continuity, COVER is simply stultifying.

More tapes follow, wrapped in childish wagch of a boy with blood coming out of his mouth. February 28 – March 16 Tickets: For the main course, while our server strongly recommended the traditional chicken doro wat in a pot, we opted for three skewers of venison sosaties with apricots and red onions, the venison like small pieces of filet mignon.

Trafka and Paolo M.

February 27 – March 2 Tickets: Haneke zooms in closely on the relationship between Georges and Anne, keeping all other characters in the background; in fact, there is no musical steets or even any incidental music to enhance the searing emotions coming from Auteil and Binoche.

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