Will you be sharing that with us too? I could understand more sides of the characters.. But the changes to Yue are so cute…. I did not think that he was referring to the possibility of becoming impoverished; I thought that he was speaking about something that he had actually experienced. Please accept me and treat me well. Also, that dopey shaman and her so called warning was also unnecessary.

He spells it out for her: Seeing him joke around with Je-yoon and Eunuch Yang and watching those two butt heads was just plain fun and makes me wish we could have eschewed the dramatic parts altogether and made this show a straight-up rom-com. And “Lee Seol” also makes me laugh because that’s how some people pronounce “Lysol” in my neck of the woods. The build up of chemistry between the couple through better understanding of each other and acceptance of each other, faults and all was realistic. When asked how she got out of prison, Jin Zhu says Xing Er let her out and gives Yuwen Huai proof — a freedom letter and a badge to get out of the manor. Two men with one girl in mind in the same place?! Would you spend your money supporting the corporation that’s trying to take over the country? Thank you for the quick recap!

Also I will eternally remember his “Oh Ho! If her power comes back her tattoo will reappear.

Yin Shang Piao comes to Man Tian and gives her the poisonous needle, lying that he only wants her to win the competition because he likes her. I really, really wanted to enjoy this drama to the end. I hate noble idiocy and in this case it just seemed like senseless filler that made you question if Hong Shim really even cared for Yul Exactly this! Yes, he was from a yangban family, but he might have experienced some deprivation as a child.

Also, am I supposed to believe some measly girl is able to beat a master with decades of training just because she teased him princces reversed some random moves? I second, third and fourth that!!!! Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Seol returns to her room, crying, and Hae-young broods.


Princess Hours Episode 10 [ Eng Sub ] – video dailymotion

Ace February 3, at 9: K, looking forward to your next post and recap! Thank you for the quick recap!

There are several more spinsters hourx bachelors this time around, and Hong-shim and Je-yoon are the oldest. Alvina February 3, at 9: Serious throws to the ground. At Shu State, our clumsy second prince Xuan Lang ascends the throne in a gorgeous royal robe sporting a new air of confidence and maturity as he greets his subjects.

Now I’m regretting it even more bcuz I have to wait a wk!! So-hye naming her baby after his father is very unusual. I only watched it till the end peinces the awkward prince and his shenanigans with the villagers.

Princess Agents: Episodes 9 – 12 Recap “Xing Er’s Pursuers.”

He hands the box to Xing Er to give to Yue Qi. I could understand more sides of the characters. I confess I love all the extra training since like you said it just serves for otp moments.

That said, I’m pleased prijces how it turned out for our village crew, and they, along with their warmhearted and goofy antics, will be sorely missed. Lelly19 November 7, at Lastly, many thanks to lollypip for the recaps!

Princess Hours Episode 10 [ Eng Sub ]

Do you guys notice the throat clearing thing SSH does all the time too? Yes, she will be happy that he wants her to leave in order to be his woman, but she will suggest that he stay with her and help because she wants him to be her man.

Li Ying looks adorable!! The doctor comes and examines Yuwen Yue, and tells him to get rid of the Snow Jade Dog sinpsis its harming him.


[Recap] Princess Agents Episode – Cnewsdevotee

For the majority of this drama, I liked the pace. In fact i think from now on i’ll read the recap before i watch. I don’t know if that’s completely true, because that flashback is based on the story that Grandpa was telling Seol. If Seol was naive about the president’s intentions, then so is Grandpa. He urges her hors come with him: We cut to Hong-shim, her 9–12 down as befitting a single woman, meeting a handsome young nobleman in the forest.

It just seemed really pointless to me to have him trying to make her jealous over something so totally unproductive. The story of his heroic battle makes its way back to Songjoo village, where Gu-dol enthralls the neighbors with a highly embellished retelling. She needs to be in more scenes. For now we will let it go and assume that he is only thinking of what is best for sihopsis, our most beloved Princess. Episoed for the book readers: That was my interpretation, but I have no idea if that is correct!

Turns out his grandfather was saved on the nick of time episodd has been in a coma since then. While she is holding it, the Snow Jade Dog is doing damage to her and due to this she gets flashbacks of training when she was younger.

More fun with more people.

Totally love this episode especially here: Ah, i cant wait to go home and watch the next episodes. SOOOO excited to read this summary!!!

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