Fri Jan 05, 5: My TarHunt shoots very well but nothing like that, but then maybe it is my shooting. The Deerslayer earned its moniker throughout the years as being a reliable, bottom-ejecting pump shotgun dedicated to deer hunting – all that, despite being plagued by the uncertainty of constantly changing ownership of the Ithaca brand. If you needed a fast follow-up shot but wanted pump-action reliability, the was your gun. Randy Fritz, the TarHunt founder, made the RSG his pet project in the late 80s and early 90s, after the first rifled slug barrels hit the market. Just as times change so the types of firearms needed for hunting in different places also change, and in some places there is a requirement that deer hunting only be conducted with a shotgun: We noticed the groups invariably grew as the fourth and fifth rounds wandered. Today, slug guns have evolved far beyond the smoothbore spray-and-pray guns that you hoped were at least minute-of-vitals accurate.

It descends from a line of Mossberg bolt-action shotguns that are decades old. Those early guns, available with either a rifled barrel or smooth barrel configuration, became highly sought after by a niche group of Midwestern sluggers. Thu Jan 04, 1: I once considered the Browning Gold Hunter to be the prettiest of all shotguns. The Slugster is the slug gun version of the popular Model pump from Mossberg. You can’t compare the expensive Tar Hunt to the for resale value. This is as “rifle like” a shotgun as you’ll ever find – and it’s an absolute tack driver.

The design standardly boasts a glass bedded barreled action with a free-floating, threaded-in heavy wall, fully rifled Shaw barrel in a black matte finish. The only downside is that it makes your gun a bit front heavy so you gyns want to add weight to the stock to balance it.


The is not a continuation of the ; it was built from scratch for magnum loads. The has a love-hate following among owners and former owners. Buy it and hold onto it. Of course the original question was whether or not the Tar-Hunt accurizing process or a Tar-Hunt custom gun was worth two, or three, or four times the cost of a stock shotgun. The TarHunt DSG requires the customer to provide a suitable Remington pump action which they modify to turn it into an accurate slug gun.

The later RSG that were made from onwards were fitted with a one shot magazine to provide a flat blind floor that makes the gun more comfortable to carry. Thu Dec 14, TarHunt do conversions on customer supplied Remington shotguns, and their listed versions are the: The trigger is tuned to a 4- to ta-rhunt pull.

Unfortunately, all that technology doesn’t come at a low price.

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Our testers said it was by far the worst-recoiling of the guns tested. Shells feed and eject from the bottom. The Slugster is the slug gun version of the popular Model pump from Mossberg. Fed from a two-shot integral box magazine which destroys the aesthetics and ease of carrying the gun, in our viewthe 7. And a Cavalier no less.

Bolt-Action Slug Shotguns: Savage, Tar-Hunt Get The Nod – Gun Tests Article

The RSG is a custom two-lug bolt action firearm, drilled and tapped for standard Leupold windage or Weaver bases. Picture courtesy David Lee Photography.

Fritz accomplished this goal by combining benchrest bolt-action rifle technology with a rifled shotgun barrel. Fri Jan 05, 1: It was built for deer camp, truck beds and slub afternoon stands. Following text is from his website: Benelli Super Black Eagle. Page 1 of 3.


It is hard to get quite the accuracy out of a pump gun versus a bolt action shotgun but the cost is of course less with the TarHunt conversion. Of slig is that the older Paradox and Explora ball and shot guns were capable of much better accuracy than that. The gun features a Jewell rifle trigger set at 3 pounds and is fitted into a McMillan composite stock.


That goes for slug shooters too. The barrel is an E. Thu Jan 04, The action is glass-bedded and the barrel free floating. By submitting above, you agree to Outdoor Life’s privacy policy.

USED gun prices are essentially just an indication of what the guns might really have been be worth in the first place. Standard deviation was 37 fps with an extreme spread of 97 fps. Click each of the links above to visit the relevant page on the TarHunt website.

Tar-Hunt RSG Professional Gauge Slug Shotgun – Gun Reports

Many hunters are buying into the capabilities of the 20 gauge slug for deer. Other finishes and an optional silhouette stock increase the base price accordingly. The gun is also available in 20 gauge; that gun is called the Mountaineer. The Browning A-Bolt slug gun was probably the best-designed production bolt gun ever made when it was introduced wlug Thu Jan 04, 3:

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