Those were the comments above me. The Predators Full Episode S 3: Plus, Olivia ignores a work request of her own. Listings Closed Captioning Rating Guidelines. What we saw was a girl flattered by an elder and clever man. Hoyti Von Totiy I hesitate to ask as it is obviously a topic that greatly irks you, but why are you so upset about girly curly hair? It was a plot device back when Tyrion asked Sansa.

Queen of Diamonds Full Episode S 2: Whitney fights with Roxy during a show and Kelly questions the ladies’ working Specially the HoBaW and the Godswood. But WHY cant they have had sansa start to raise the North a bit sooner? Does that mean I think a scenario like what happened between Sansa and Ramsay, or what is happening to Loras is ok in the real world? The ratings are not complete.

That scene just does NOT make any sense. I loved the way they did it and did not want to see any more. Listings Closed Captioning Rating Guidelines. Loved the subterranean chamber of faces! And if she is playing a long game, then her role is to submit as the wife of Ramsay Bolton.

And the Emmy does go to Alfie Allen!!!!!!! But that fight scene was a joke. Nobody prompted her to do it. And yes she has played her own version of the game this season too by risking to follow LF and by conscending to go to WF to take revenge.

Sansa last season was taking risks and trying to manipulate people. Kinda like the books, I suppose. gorillxvid

I also thought the scenery was fantastic. I hated Ramsay in the books with a passion. Only the Red Bedding, Turncloak. Well Sansa certainly was not Unbowed, Unbent, and Unbroken….


It truly is one of the best ways to really know the characters. Without these kinds of scenes, Game of Thrones is essentially a high-quality soap opera.

Sansa knows from Tye and Theon that Ramsey is a monster. WTF is wrong with you people? This episode felt like the jumping frog in a Mark Twain story.

Sorry for excessive posting. She was bedded after she was wedded. Contributors Become a contributor. Hmmm… two episodes in a row which for me, were not up to the standards of the first four, despite having some good scenes.

They add a meditative pace and an element of ancient mysticism in a show that is otherwise chock full of political intrigue and melodrama. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Being willing to do a tough scene like that shows great dedication to the craft and shows she is a true actress. What did they do with Rome, then?

Of course Myranda was right as we viewers already knew from seeing all of season 3. But that is water under the bridge. Watching the skies to determine the year is probably why the maesters came to exist in the first place. Olivia receives the opportunity to host an event in Japan, but has to ask Joe if she can take the time off to cover it. The maesters will know precisely when a new year begins. Abuse of the TV.

If they went by the book ages half the people that have been naked on the show epjsode be under Sometimes there are no good choices, and you have to make the least bad choice. What I love about the books and the show is how real they are historically in their portrayal of human gorillavic and how they crush utopian fantasy. In that respect it disappointed me that with Miranda she showed in the end the same arrogance towards lower class people, which made her less likeable in the earlier books and seasons.


I think I saw the Miranda scene differently from everyone else. This is why that was bad, and a shark jumping moment.

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You still know how to get episide gut reaction! WimseySounds like my sister and I! It doesnt make sense. She was ready for it she said so… but they didnt dare ask her. Fortin BrasI took the survey. I was with the producers on this one up till now.

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And this marriage was an arraignment she entered of her own free will. The hall of the faces was great and I think we will see Cat of the Canals in the next episodes. Refusing him will get her killed, or worse. And honestly, I AM gorillavjd in seeing where it goes from here.

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