Veronica consults with Ali’s defense team to find out who may be called to testify in Ali’s trial. Retrieved December 7, It is later revealed the four masked girls are Cindy, Mindy, Jenna, and Sydney, who have only joined Ali in hopes of finding proof that Ali is ‘A’ and that she murdered Mona. Retrieved March 4, In the end, while the police are giving an interview about the dead girl in Ali’s grave, who is revealed to be Bethany Young, ‘A’ makes their triumphant return to Rosewood by putting a bomb in Toby’s house and making the entire house explode. Spencer discovers that Varjak’s phone number is the same as the one in the personal ads in Alison’s house.

Their new theory is that Alison is ‘A’. After ‘A’s attempt to strangle Alison, she gets a text message, “See how easy it is for me to kill you? Shana has a vendetta of her own, as she pays a visit to Ezra in the hospital. Aria sneaks in in time to save the girls and knocks Shana off of the stage where she is killed instantly after hitting her head. Subsequently, Mona is “killed”, and Spencer is arrested for Bethany Young’s murder. On the other hand, Hanna, Spencer, and Toby stage an intervention for Caleb after expressing concern about him.

The girls come to discover it was a trap by “A” as Aria and Spencer find themselves locked in a freezer until Emily rescues them. Hanna tells him off after he confesses that he wasn’t away to help Ali but working with the internal affairs unit on another assignment.

As Hanna and Spencer leave the ice ball to find evidence, Aria spots Ali kissing a man in a Santa suit, who she believes is Officer Holbrook. Meanwhile, Aria gets sidetracked when she’s about to come clean to Ezra; and Hanna and tries to keep her mom’s secret when Pastor Ted returns. Caleb tells Hanna that he found out the name of the person who lretty the storage unit is Hanna Marin.

Mona then tells epizode girls she thinks that Alison is ‘A’. A guard comes and escorts Alison to the waiting room where she finds Veronica, who wants to know why the girls have been visiting her. Ali also receives a secret visit from CeCe.

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The Liars then arrive at the Dilaurentis’ ice ball, where Ali makes a grand entrance, along with four unknown girls in masks. Meanwhile, Melissa convinces Spencer to stay in London. In Australia, the season premiered on Fox8 on June 13, Officer Holbrook tells the press that they have ruled it a liags, but they haven’t found Mona’s body. Hanna is then knocked out by ‘A’.


Lesli is called as a surprise witness, and testifies in court against Alison. Holbrook returns to Rosewood and is suspended from work, accused of tampering with Ali’s lie detector test. seasin

Later, Toby seasoon a knife that belonged to his family in Mona’s backyard while surveying the area with the police. Mike considers taking the stand on Alison’s trial; while Caleb agrees with Mike, Aria and Ezra convinces him otherwise.

Toby and Spencer reconnect, when Toby states that if Tanner doesn’t like the fact he’s with Pregty, then she can kick epissode off the force. She goes to give him an egg, when she receives an alert message that Mona’s computer has been activated, and it is in a storage unit. Emily is on the hunt to find out the truth about Alison, seeking unlikely help from Ezra Fitz for information about Cyrus and Alison’s connection.

While most kids are curious about what happened to Ali, Mona and her army are more focused on planning for Ali’s return to school.

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Furthermore, after realizing that Alison can’t be ‘A’, the girls decided to work on proving Ali’s innocence without incriminating Mike. When Spencer tracks Mona’s laptop moving away from the storage unit, she enlists the help of Aria and Emily to retrieve it. Retrieved August 8, Ali attempts prettj regain episodw role of leader of the group, but she finds out Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are not as going to blindly follow her as they once were.

But the cops are on their tail and they’re getting ready to arrest. At the end of the episode, Alison tells her lawyer that she won’t be taking the plea.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The liars are now scared more than ever. Meanwhile, Hanna is caught at odds when Ali and Caleb butt heads, and Emily seeks help from her friends when her mom invites Ali over for dinner. Retrieved January 11, Ashley Benson continued her role as Hanna Marinwhom finds herself in an identity crisis as a result of Alison’s return.


With the help of Lucas, Mona hacks into the Rosewood P. On October 13,it was announced that the special Christmas episode would air as part of ABC Family’s ” 25 Days of Christmas ” programming event on December 9, Archived from the original on November 16, The Guys Are Back! Meanwhile, Aria is sent by Holbrook to pick up flowers and carry them to Hanna’s mum. He tells Spencer and Caleb who agree to pretend that they know nothing about it.

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While Tanner is giving Ali the third degree, Ashley interrupts and tells her to stop treating Alison like a criminal instead of a victim. Retrieved April 25, Spencer confronts Caleb regarding Hanna’s issues; Aria opens up to Ella and questions her marriage to Zack; Emily and Spencer close in on Noel’s motives and a call from detective Tanner has Alison perplexed.

Janel Parrish played Mona Vanderwaalwho starts a group against Alison. DiLaurentis’s death, but both Melissa and her father don’t seem so positive to Spencer’s suspicion. Retrieved Seasonn 23, In the Hastings residence, Melissa has difficult time as a secret from the past haunts her.

Retrieved April 4, The Liars soon re-unite, and find themselves in a living room, with a girl playing the piano that turns out to be Mona who is alive and was manipulated by “A” into being Alison. Emily struggles with the fact that Paige is leaving Rosewood, and attempts to get Paige to stay after Alison is arrested, but Paige leaves anyway. Mike tells her that Mona attempted to fake her death to have Alison arrested and was working with ‘A’ to do so, though he now believes Mona to be actually dead.

Later he takes leftovers from Spencer’s trash can in order to make paint. Spencer pertty to the episodde doctor and sees Sydney holding Jenna’s hand.

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