Overall a very good movie. Join the discussion contains spoiler. He is promoting religous values like he always does in usually. Neil nitin mukesh and john abraham has been casted unnecessarily. Now it is fixed Thank you for your patience. Great story and great direction.

Yuvaraj As of now we do not officially support casting,but soon we are working on developing these services. Magz Right now we do not have that function,but in the new website design,we will be fixing these. Thrilling movie, engaging right to the very end. Amitabh Bachchan kills it again!!! The actors were absolutely fabulous. What a great ending. Pick where the clip starts

Things that happen in India In future we will definitely try. Don’t agree with the message, I don’t ever want to be a victim of such manipulation The actors did a great job and the film was entertaining. Amizing storyline and performace by Amitabh and Farhan.

Uma There was an unexpected error that caused players in all movies to stop.

All thank u for supporting this site. I’m seeing this actor for the first time. It is worth watching.


Definetly worth a watch! Another great movie for all involved, especially Amitabh Bachchan – such a pleasure to watch him work!

A grandfather, a priest, and a police officer investigate the case of a kidnapped child. Wow, enjoyed every bit of it, especially the twist right at the end!

Slow down…

Magz Right now we do not have that function,but in the new website design,we will be fixing these. Putting myself in the shoe of the victims and how it feels to lose a beloved. A gripping thriller that brings together these two parallel investigations into the 2 kidnappings and builds up into an explosive, emotionally-charged film. No need for nudity-dancing or meaningless fillers, to make this a very good movie.

Great story and performances by the 3 stars. Pick where the clip starts What would you like to discuss? I tried clearing cache. Great story line and performances!!

Vidu We apologise for that. Very good mystery with well thought out twists and turns.

Join the discussion contains spoiler. Pick where the clip ends Best ending I have seen in a long time, great twist!


Watch only if you have absolutely nothing better to do Director has wasted all resources and great actors. I have also cleared my cache and history. Choose a frame of your liking for thumbnail Give it some details Farhan Akhtar you were also amazing.

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Great film, the two of them carried it from start to finish just fabulously. Just love it when all the tiny elements of the story come together. Waited for this movie since long time. Interesting suspense movie showing that persistence and perseverance to find a criminal sometimes ejnthusan the help of a criminal plot.

If someone else knows otherwise please say.

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