A Jet Blue – True Blue. The name says it all: Your aircraft can land in any visibility conditions, whatever the weather. The upgrade brings a new feature: This upgrade is intended for those who have already bought and installed Airbus Series Vol. Night lighting in the 2D panel is pleasing and realistic. It was also the first time that composite materials had been significantly used in a narrowbody airliner, and the ECAM Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitoring concept, allowing all of the main aircraft systems to be monitored from the two glass screens in the centre of the cockpit.

Also, a well-known problem has the nose lurching towards the ground on finals. Create an account Forgot your password? We recommend you to download using Internet Explorer and, to optimize download performances, make use of a download manager plugin such as http: The rudder pedals are active even if auto-coordination is active. Complete version including all the features from Airbus Series Vol. The route and the moving map are still visible as they are displayed on top of the weather radar display. There is a protection from Airbus to prevent accidental change of weight information once the engines are running. A temporary flight plan is created like for any flight plan modification and requires a validation.

Wilco Publishing is liveriees pleased to announce the long-awaited upgrade for their Airbus collection: Needless to say, switches are fully clickable and functional in the VC.

Will it keep working with the Airbus evolution? The navigation database is updated every month, you can keep updating it by visiting Navigraph here: Flight tests have also been conducted with crosswind. More Views See all pictures. I had a look to see if my old favourite finally had a worthy opponent.

Airbus Series Evolution Vol.1 (download version) (Wilco 0649875001431-D)

Whatever your knowledge level is – beginner or expert – the user’s manual will teach you step by step all systems and procedures. Can I use a Download Manager to retrieve my files?


The installation process is simple, as long as you make sure you have the latest patch installed. How do I access the Cabin view?


The name says it all: It is very important if the ATC asks for a level during the climb. Flight tests have also been conducted with crosswind. A China Eastern Airlines. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter!

Airbus Series Evolution Vol.1 (download version)

If you look in the 2D panel, it works perfect, but it looks strange in the virtual cockpit. Please either middle mouseclick the displays or use the mousewheel to set the display brightness. The screenshots shown on the Evolution upgrade description show nice curves, but my route is still drawn using straight lines.

As I stated earlier on, you can always give up the VC for a less-demanding freeware model. This feature used to work in FS only. Magento maintenance by Ecoto.

Airbus Series Vol. 1 Deluxe Edition

Keeping to the kt speed limit under 10,ft is nigh-on impossible, and the nose has a tendency to drift upwards after takeoff. The three operating modes – beginner – intermediate – expert – allow you to take control of your aircraft in three different ways: The main advantage is that you can use Flight Simulator menu to configure Airbus-specific commands and assign keys or joystick buttons to them.

Following on from their success with the A series, European aircraft consortium Airbus set their sights on a single-aisle short to medium range passenger airliner to rival the Boeing andwhose dominance in that market was more or less universal.

A “zoomed” panel view is available from the clever hidden group of buttons visible here in the bottom-left. The following table shows matching between FS commands and Airbus-specific commands you can map: We don’t support the use of our add-ons under Windows XP64 and Vista To solve the problem: I have a problem with the engine fan blades when the engines are on though, the textures seem to flicker a lot. In addition, make sure the 2D panel is not in zoomed mode. Virtual cabins have been well modelled, although I would have liked a VC-only option too for lower spec systems.



Airlines snapped them up as more aircraft were added to the A family, specifically the A, A and most recently the A, the aircraft went on to become the second-best selling jet airliner family of all time after the Boeing Airbus commonality enables pilots to transfer with a minimum amount of time and training from one Airbus aircraft type to another.

The liveries or the textures do not airbuz correctly. The Configurator must be launched with the Administrator rights right-click qirbus Configurator file and select “Run as Administrator”.

Yes, any software module that was developed for the supported hardware devices keep working with the Evolution Series. The name says it all: Although the FDE has its flaws, handling overall is pretty good, with a good representation of the fly-by-wire systems in the Airhus – something that is hard to get right.

You can look through the window while flying the aircraft on the right trajectory.

The three operating modes – beginner – intermediate – expert – allow you to take control of your aircraft in three different ways:

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