Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum. He reaches out to Purvi after 20 years to tell her that he has met her mother’s look alike. Everybody rejoices that Ovi is a mother and are also equally sad about Purvi losing her child. Over time, Ankita grows to love Naren. Everybody is heart-broken to see Archana lying in coma and hand over Soham to the police. Punni tells Purvi to get Sulochana’s sign on property papers where she is transferring the property to Mittal.

Many are named as predators but nothing happened. Zee World Soap Operas. Ovi and Purvi’s tests are conducted and then it is revealed that Purvi is pregnant with Arjun’s child and this was the main reason of her leaving Mumbai. Soham is taken to the hospital. Arjun hires a detective behind Onir to find out the truth. Archana lives with her mother Sulochana and adopted daughter Purvi; while Manav lives with his parents and children in Canada. Vishnu thinks that she is trying to get him arrested, so he puts a gun on Archana’s head to escape from the police. She still loves Manav.

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He comes to Mumbai on an assignment to kidnap Manav, but instead kidnaps Purvi. Many are named as predators but nothing happened.

The Times of India. Later Purvi struggles to stay apart from the baby. On the occasion of Sacrfd Puja, Archana happens to meet Purvi who is also pregnant.

Agarwal when Gauri tells him that Mariyam passed away. Tuesday, 26 February at Soham is released from jail but doesn’t know who bailed him out.

Teju and Sunny have to separate due storline life circumstances and decide that they will let fate decide if they are meant to be. Teju and Sunny have fallen in love with each other and now they are struggling to win Savita and Snehlata’s heart respectively. Damodar also reveals how, 18 years ago, Savita lied to Archana that Manav wanted a divorce. Agarwal proceeds with the phase one of his experiment on Archana. He goes out without saying anything to her.


Soham is released from jail but doesn’t know who bailed him out. Later, Ovi confesses about the agreement to Manav and everyone else as storylind. He realizes that he should shoot himself for beinThettheksh confused.

They have also adopted Manav’s fatherless nephew Sachin. Pari hates Arjun for abandoning her and cheating her mother. Aorld still loves Manav. Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi. Raghav ji too is happy to see Niru happy after so many days.

Bela is shocked KKK9: Soham reaches Manav and Archana but is torn between his storylije parents and the parents who have taken care of him.

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Onir bribes the stranger after the stranger does his job well. People’s Choice Awards India. They became friends and soon got married.

He informs Arjun that Onir met Shalini and is hiding something which makes Arjun more doubtful about Onir. The Times of India. However, DK announces that Ovi and Arjun are to wed. Pavitra Rishta is the love story of a couple, Manav Deshmukh Wlrld Singh Rajputwho is a garage mechanic and earns money for his lower-middle-class family and Archana Karanjkar Ankita Lokhandethe partially educated, eldest daughter in her family storylije five and focuses on their difficulties in getting married and living in Mumbai.


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Arjun and Ovi also come to know about Purvi when they arrive at Dr. No one has contact with Soham, Arjun, or Ovi. Seoul International Drama Awards.

He finds the doctor and calls Ovi to come to Kolkata for her treatment. He and Pari had both given each other false names and therefore could not find each other after the car accident separated them in London.

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Select a City Close. Gauri tells Purvi that she does not believe that a goon can be Archana’s son. Retrieved from ” https: She thinks that Soham is following her and calls police to arrest him. Zeeworld best updates – fans Movie.

Enjoy… Pavitra Rishta is a story about the strong emotional bond that every daughter shares with her mother. Saccred tells Punni to get back the CDs. She was raped by Naren’s evil brother Raunaq and is afraid the baby is his.

Follow us on Twitter for more stories. Punni calls Ovi, Arjun and Purvi to a hotel where Arjun and Purvi reach earlier, when Ovi reaches there, she finds out while overhearing their conversation that Pari is not her daughter, but it’s actually Purvi and Arjun’s.

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