This weakens their ability to purchase any other item – and thus targetted items for very niche sets of criterion tends to hurt the champions in question more than it helps. Hence – any tutorials are going to have a continual lag time – so whatever you’re teaching should also have some kind of learnable component from observing your enemy and allies in game. If upgrades are supposed to be side-grades, why are they still level-gated? Core item it has been, for most hybrid champions. How could you be so cruel? Similar argument to 1 – but from a relative perspective – AKA – everyone lost more than they gained. She has some inherent survivability from Command:

You would also probably want it eventually even if you bought RoA because of TF’s inherent vulnerability in teamfights. I’d take him mid and build him tank as long as there was adequate damage coming out of other lanes and the jungle. Want to add to the discussion? Honestly though, other items had been much better in season 5. As it got nerfed. Making targetted items almost guarantees a nerf on champions in whatever was being targetted. That other starting item paths haven’t been buffed as well or heavily adjusted.

Thanks insane pink hair lady and chainsaw guy! Masterie less certain about the statement that ‘Solo tanks are weaker’ as a whole – as most of the efficiency passes, especially in terms of MR – are more favorable to them.

Play her however you like, but building tanky on Orianna like that is sub-optimal I think. Not ziiggs in my opinion actually. To be frank, the question was mostly about tank starts and especially about tank starts against magic damage, i. Damage wise, rageblade would superior just because it is still a very powerful item especially with sated.

Kat, Akali, and Vlad all lack a proper starting item, and the overall sustain on Dark Seal will end up being problematic on Annie, Ahri, and probably Veigar. Basic stuff you really do 5.222 to learn for ranked Considering the only real tutorial is to build thornmail on ashe Here take this delicious weirdly-shaped cake I just baked! Something I really need to ask: However, this item is quite gold inefficient excluding passive and if you want pure damage might as well build a deathcap.


Tell me, does the phrase “power creep” mean anything to you? How do you see these ward changes affecting the use of the Teleport Summoner Spell? Check out the SS Wiki’s main page!

I think RoA is fine on Swain when you want an early sustain item in a tougher lane, but I don’t think Ahri needs a RoA at all, since she already has built in sustain and has mobility and CC to survive if things get hairy. Our rules apply not just to Reddit but also to our Discord! The SS Wiki’s page mastteries to compile just about every piece of content related to education possible, so if you have a question or you’re looking for something specific, it’s a great place to start.

Ziggs Build

Twitch, I agree might be a problem – but I’m not sure he was ever at a range to be detected by Oracles when he was murdering you in Stealth. Technically a hybrid item, but it has AP. Slight nerf to cost now. The movespeeds are almost the same, and in fights that laster longer than 5 seconds Spellblade does more damage than Luden’s proc. I will give that a try too.

Manaless champs have nothing even masteriies comparable. Last season I used to always masteies athenes because lux’s spells are very expensive, but this season if you have very good mana management, you could get away with morellonomnom with 2 dorans.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Amsteries you want to be really specific – the best trigger would probably be something like ‘Buyable after laning phase’ – unfortunately, there’s no real way to tell when it ends that organically in an understandable way – hence the level restriction.

Not entirely convinced the item is weaker given that it’s one of the few sources of invisible wards – so the relative strength should be incredibly high – but if that’s actually the case – yeah, you’d be wise to avoid buying the item entirely. I have never heard of the frost queen vs Morello actually, I would not go frost queen unless I am support actually: Build this on most damaging AP support champions.

Vision that follows you around is pretty powerful early game – and so we give you range.

Ziggs Build Patch Only

The horror that was beta-era Mundo. Only champions that want monstrous mana pools and prefer flat AP over CDR which is basically just Ryze and Anivia should be building tear.


What do you guys think? This is a loss of hp with consumables and hp with refillable. You’ve gone and added a ton of new items for every other class, seriously buffed Doran’s blade, and all the meanwhile Dshield gets the same cost increase izggs nothing extra out of it while you’re simultaneously nerfing the maximum sustain starts that many characters needed to do to survive sesaon lane against early harass.


Zhonya’s and Abyssal are good on the other champs you mentioned. So again with katarina specifically. But now, mana regen is more commonplace, and grievous has been nerfed.

I mean, unless you’re going to allow us to place two pink wards at a time you’re probably going to end up having to nerf them again. You can actually see this in practice throughout the game’s history. The problem is the wasted mana that should really be another stat. Not bad, not bad at all!

Used to be hugely gold efficient, and provided all the stats mages needed: Still a good item, amazing maateries mediocre ratio champs like brand and zyra.

I think on champions where you don’t always need the cdr and can safely harass the enemy laner or get damage onto the tower, it can be a great alternative to materies. Mana Potions have to be ridiculously efficient in the short term to make up for their one-shot nature.

I recognize that builds are situational but I’m really digging this one. However, Refillable Potions can upgrade into two versions: It builds nicely from spellthief’s, and thats why people build it. As a mana regen item virtually all other options are better if you don’t also need the health and sustain from RoA for reasons stated above.

You want a RoA for the early catalyst which will help you stay in lane pre

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