Here are 20 awesome Pakistani dramas that you can watch online: And I must say that even with imperfect features if someone felt so , Mahira Khan looks gorgeous. Which once again bring us to our beloved Humsafar. Clearly the drama was going for style over substance at the end. They eventually fall in love and have the most beautiful bond. I think the actors there took it to another level. Some confusions Is a wife only great when being a strong empowered CSS officer, she is missed by her husband for a dirty bathroom and kacha gosht!

I think mature male characters are WAY too few and far between. I am really sorry but Humsafar was much more filmy and unreal to me while ZGH dealt with real scenarios and real people and real life. Insan apni izzat khud krwata hai.. Watever u all say but m totally crazy for zaroon junaid. How on earth was the romance not appropriate? I agree with S. But thankfully, hope is just around the corner.

As for FK taking it on the chin or cheek as it were like a pro, I can see that.

Zindagi gulzar hai Episode 18 Hum Tv Drama HD

Thanks everybody and SZ for making this page interesting…not a pakistani…so please tell which desj is now best on air. Ajkal ke female actresses mai she is the perfect choice for this role… her voice-expressions-spontaneity.

Due to certain misunderstandings, Umar ends up divorcing Maham but she is not the one to take it quietly.

Also missed seing Mansha Pasha, I guess Sidra took all our criticism to heart and decided to stay put in the US and not put in a final appearance. I totally agree with what you said. But yes, she is one actor I will definitely want to meet sometime in the future. For this serial I have left to watch my favourite show comedy night with kapil…. You seem like a thoughtful actor who really cares about her craft and what is communicated to the audience.

Humsafar was like a pukka hindi serial…. Her husband, who is also Numair’s brother, refuses to believe this as well.

Story was interesting sometimes seems to connect desu real life.

Debate, discussion and difference of opinion is a healthy sign. We are all entitled to our own opinion and must agree to disagree with others and move on. Honestly Kashaf inspired me so much. ZGH is airing the 4th time on Zindagi and the enthusiasm for this show rashan hardly waned. Or god forbid his wife!! Noone, just no one could have accomplished 41 with such finesse, …you are indisputably the finest, most talented….


Bollywood today has arguably become the biggest film industry in the world n that is d reason artists from across d world e. Well, the show had flaws but nevertheless it was a great show and for me even better than humsafar.

IMHO Such a hurry ending, 1 more eps. Some confusions Is a wife only great when being a strong empowered CSS officer, she is missed by her husband for a dirty bathroom and kacha gosht! Sadly here, none of zindafi was done.

Zindagi gulzar hai Episode 18 Hum Tv Drama HD – Dailymotion Video

But even you will agree that FK or Ali Zafar are in a different league altogether. All of you made your sometimes one-dimensional characters still come to life and own the scenes they were in. Funny you should mention the nose job! But u can definitely watch it on YouTube.

Kahi Unkahi This drama makes a strong comment about the class difference in Pakistani society. I believe that is hardly true. Fawad and no versatlity? NJ stole the show totally, as she should have given the txshan role she got.

If he develops the reputation of being difficulthe is finished here. But have to give it to Fawad for carrying his role with conviction…Mahira was good and looked pretty too but was timid and had nothing much to do but to cry…thats just my point of view and apart from the depressing part….

Big noseunplucked eyebrows Et al… She is guulzar beauty and her imperfections make dfsi more so. Sherry Sheharyar Munnawar Siddique who comes from a rich family is fascinated by the humble nature of Zoya Ayeza Khan. How many of our newcomers do we compare with these two then why single out FK.

As much as we enjoyed epiwode you as Hasan, Ashar, Zaroon, Mujju and Armaan amongst your other roleswe look forward to seeing you in a male-centric role that revolves around your character. Her partner-in-crime Javed Shaikh was charming as usual, but zinvagi his Junaid spoke in a language that was undecipherable to me.


Sanam Saeed — lovely to hear from you! She finally decides to leave him when she suffers a tragic loss because of him.

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Everytime Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed layed together on the bed, the room just became awkward. He is definitely popular but still has to make a mark in hindi films. SZ episore out of town, but should be back soon iA and so hopefully there will be new reviews soon.

Off my soap box for now! Did the guy have a nose job or did he just lose weight and my mind is playing tricks on me? Even after the reunion as professionals Kashaf never gives in for Zaroon, no matter how hard he tried or how charming he seemed to be.

Hi Atty, I loved Dastaan. Hina Bayat, another great performer, did the best she could do with a character that remained incomprehensible to me from the first to the last episode. In many ways it has been very interesting to see the overwhelmingly positive reaction from Indian audiences as compared to the Pakistani viewers.

I would say it was decent enough, and maybe better than most dramas but we cannot ignore that it had a lot of spisode aspects and zaroon and Kashafs marital phase and gulzaar were not given as much time as the preceding issues of the first 15 episodes.

Plus as far as cultural representations, the US just aired a documentary on tv about a girl named Kainat and a rape case.

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